This Man is Known as The Craziest Fighter in MMA

“Out There” The MMA Wildman

MMA is filled with larger than life personalities but this guy is the biggest character of them all…

Throughout the history of combat sports and modern MMA, we’ve seen some true characters come and go. Boxing, the longest-serving mainstream combat sport, is renowned for showboaters, big talker and, at times, proper crazies.

With the emergence of MMA since the millennium, we’ve seen the madness stepped up a level. In particular, there’s one man who ramps up the insanity in the cage/ring, that man is named Jonathan Ivey, dubbed the craziest fighter in all MMA.

It’s not only Ivey weird style of trash talk and antics but also the moves he pulls off in the ring. Ivey, as you’ll see throughout the videos in this article, has pulled off some of the craziest moves in combat sports history.

As is often the case with risky/wild behavior, sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn’t.

Tattooed Wildman in MMA

Although he hasn’t ever fought in the big leagues, Ivey has picked up 32 wins through various organizations on the regional circuit. Of those 32 wins, 18 are by way of submission and 13 by knockout.

Having only ever gone to the judges once in victory, Ivey is obviously an exciting fighter to watch. Throw in the fact he has actually pulled off a people’s elbow in competition, you never know what you are going to get at an Ivey fight.

People’s Elbow

You’ll note that Ivey is a kneebar specialist, and has also landed a karate kid kick in live competition. Check out the interview he gave Bloody Elbow:

“Oh, man – when I dropped my version of The Rock’s ‘People’s Elbow’ on heavyweight fighter Joe Nameth in New Orleans, it didn’t even occur to me that the moment would live on forever,” mused Johnathan Ivey from his Tennessee MMA training camp. 

“It was just something silly I did to entertain the crowd.  But that clip has been circulating all over the World Wide Web, landing on YouTube and countless other websites.  In fact, someone once told me that my impromptu elbow drop has been viewed by over half-a-million MMA fans on six different continents, including Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe – and I’ve received interview requests from journalists all over the globe.  Isn’t that crazy?”

Karate Kid

“In my last fight – against Ricco Rodriguez in Houston, Texas – I believe I became the first fighter in MMA history to successfully land the ‘Karate Kid’ crane-kick in a live bout,” said Ivey.  “That’ll probably be popping up on the Internet before too long as well.  It sure as hell took my opponent by surprise, I guarantee you that!  Mr. Miyagi would’ve been proud of me.  Wax on, wax off, baby!”

“I’m a single Dad with 100% full custody of my little girl – and she’s my entire reason for living,” Ivey whispered, his tone instantly transformed from playful to solemn.  “She’s with me 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year.  Me and her are tag-team partners for life… and we wouldn’t want it any other way.  See, I know some people think that standing inside an MMA cage and trading bombs with a heavyweight warrior is scary stuff.  But that ain’t nothin’.  What’s truly scary is contemplating a future where Savannah is trapped in poverty, stuck in a minimum wage hell for the rest of her life. 

These kinds of thoughts chill my soul… and at least once a week, I wake up in the dead of night, imagining a world that robs her of her happiness and childhood innocence.  As God is my witness, I will never – ever – let that happen.  You just don’t understand the rage a single father feels when he knows that the only thing standing in the way of a better life for his baby girl is that opponent standing before him.  It makes you want to just smash his skull in.”


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