Huge MMA-Style Brawl Breaks Out During Basketball Game

Chaos from the Philippines as players from both sides throw punches, elbows, kicks, and chairs…

Basketball turned ugly in Manila yesterday as Australia and the Philippines lost control during their international game. The end result was an ugly brawl that was all caught on camera…

A basketball qualifier between Australia and the Philippines spiraled out of control last night. The FIBA basketball world cup 2019 Group B qualifier was into the third quarter, with Australia cruising to victory when a chaotic brawl erupted.

It all started after a perceived foul from the Philippines offense left an Australian player flat on his back. The Aussies responded with what started as shoving before all hell broke loose on the court.

Chris Goulding of Australia was swarmed off-court by a number of Philippines players and staff. The brawl seemingly went on forever, as you’ll see from the video below, and featured punches, kicks, elbows, and chairs.

Here’s one angle of the nasty scrap that ensued:

Australia Forced to Change Hotel

More angles of the controversial melee can be seen below. According to a report on, the Aussie team had to change hotels as a result of the nasty fight during their game:

THE Australian basketball team changed hotels after the vicious all-in brawl in the Philippines overnight amid fears for their physical safety in the aftermath of the ugly incident that has sparked global headlines.

Basketball Australia CEO Anthony Moore described the shocking scenes at Philippine Arena in the FIBA World Cup qualifying match – where coward punches, kicks and chairs were thrown in wild scenes – as a “pretty dark day’’ for basketball as the sport had “reputationally … taken a hit’’.

Here’s another angle of the brawl that left the Australian basketball team “Shaken”

Continuing, the Australian basketball CEO revealed that members of the Philippines team were taking ‘selfies’ after the brawl:

Moore thought the sight of Philippines players posing for a selfie after the brawl was “pretty odd” and that the game continued to be played after a long delay.

“You’ve been in a major altercation and then to be seemingly enjoying the moment, I found that very strange,’’ he said.

“I found it extraordinary that in those circumstances, in a tinder box environment like that, that the game continues with three players (for the Philippines).’’

Here’s a clip showing an Australian player being hit by a chair:

After the fight was done, Australia continued to play against a three-man Philippine team. Once two more players were ejected, leaving just one, the match was called off and Australia took the win.

Shocking scenes from Manila, Basketball took a big hit after this one.

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