Michael Bisping Says He Could Easily Beat Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya is a relatively new addition to the UFC’s roster. After steaming through every opponent that’s been put in front of him his hype train is in full motion. Image Source: MMA Fighting

If you’ve been watching the UFC at all for the past few events, you’ll know Israel Adesanya is on an absolute tear right now. With a style like the GOAT Anderson Silva (his next opponent) what’s not to like? Michael Bisping had a few thoughts…

Everyone’s favourite Brit, Michael Bisping, is at it again. Doing what he does best and that is wind people up and talk sh*t. In his classic fashion, he says things that not many would agree with and this is no exception.

Adesanya is one of the UFC middleweights that everyone is looking at right now, especially after his last performance where he dismantled Derek Brunson in the first round. Seeing as this was his taster at a contender and he performed so well, he’s onto bigger things now.

‘The Count’ is a now-retired fighter after losing two in a row. One to Georges St. Pierre and another to now middleweight title challenger Kelvin Gastelum.

“I would have an easy time”

There was speculation surrounding whether Bisping would fight one last time before heading into retirement. Unfortunately, it was retirement he chose rather than one final fight. Now Adesanya has burst onto the scene, Bisping seems extremely interested in ‘The Last Style Bender’.

Heres what Bisping had to say regarding an Adesanya fight. (Quotes courtesy of MMA Fighting)

“I like Israel Adesanya but I’ll tell you something, if there’s one person if you asked me who I want to fight right now, it would be Israel,”

“When I look at him – listen, he’s good, he’s great, but I’m sorry, I’m not buying it. I’m not saying I’m not impressed. I’m on the hype train. He’s good, he’s beating people. He’s beating the Marvin Vettoris of the world. He had a good win against Derek Brunson, but Derek Brunson looked like shit. He was terrified. I think I would have an easy time with him. Just saying, just throwing it out there.”

Seeing as Bisping has a rather up and down history with talking trash and backing it up it’s hard to see where this fight would head if it were to happen. Speaking on Bisping he has beaten Adesanya’s next opponent, Anderson Silva.

If you want to hear Bisping talk yourself skip to 3:00 in the video.


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