WATCH: Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Tenshin Nasukawa In Round One

Floyd Mayweather took part in an ‘exhibition’ Boxing match against undefeated kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa. Image Source: Evening Standard.

So after all the chopping and changing around, the day finally came. Floyd Mayweather took on Tenshin Nasukawa in a three-round boxing match. With all the build-up and the two fighters being made to seem superhuman the fight was… anticlimactic to say the least…

At the Super Saitama Arena in Japan, Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather took on young prospect Tenshin Nasukawa. The fight was scheduled to be three 3 minute rounds of Boxing only. Tenshin couldn’t really get going…

Well, the fight ended in the first round. The towel was thrown in for Tenshin pretty quickly after he was dropped by Mayweather a couple of times. Floyd had a quick and simple payday, smiling throughout the whole fight until it ended. A very unexpected ending from an extremely hyped up event.

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Floyd’s power was clearly a problem for Tenshin as he was knocked down 3 times in two minutes. Initially, Floyd had pulled out because when it was announced it seemed it would be an actual fight. Floyd stated he hadn’t signed up for a fight just an exhibition.

Eventually, he ended up agreeing to the exhibition and making it clear to everyone speculating about the rules that this was only going to be a Boxing exhibition. Imagine how much more he could have charged if it was a real fight.

Even with Mayweather confirming this, there were many doubters it would happen. People still didn’t understand why it was taking place and Floy made it clear it was about money. He was being paid a ridiculous amount for the fight. Tenshin, however, seemed a little more serious about it. He even stated he would kick Floyd event though it wasn’t part of the rule set.

It took “Money” two minutes to score the KO against the young Kickboxing superstar. He was clearly in his element, you don’t end up 50-0 in Boxing and lose to a Kickboxer. Despite his effort, Tenshin just wasn’t ready for Floyd. Check out the fight full below.

Floyd did what he had to do.

You have to give Tenshin credit for stepping out of his element to fight Floyd, even though it was an exhibition. As you can see just because it is an exhibition doesn’t mean it won’t be a real fight. It just doesn’t go on your record.

Tenshin is a huge superstar in Kickboxing, had his own undefeated record in Kickboxing and MMA to consider and fights at a lighter weight. All reason’s not to take the fight, but he did.

This clearly didn’t have as much buzz as other fights of Floyd Mayweather’s, but in the Kickboxing world, it had everyone’s interest. Tenshin being the up and comer he is had many believing he could pull it off, but that wasn’t the case. What did you think of the fight?


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