Report: Scariest Man On The Planet Will Fight Iranian Hulk In MMA Debut

With these two men in the ring, it is sure to end by KO.

It seems that in 2019 we will see a battle between two goliath’s as it is rumored that Martyn Ford and The Iranian Hulk will fight in MMA.

These two names might not be familiar to you yet, but they are to of the biggest men to sign MMA contracts in recent months. That is both figurative and literally. These men are giants among men and their size is a big part of their appeal. Ford signed a contract with Polish MMA promotion KSW and now it is rumored that The Iranian Hulk has as well.

Ford is bodybuilder and actor that stands 6’8″ and weighs 320 pounds. He is quite the specimen and has started to change his training up to be able to compete in MMA. Ford has been a commodity in the lifting circuit having trained with guys like former UFC title contender Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

The Iranian Hulk is Sajad Gharibi and he stands 6’1″ and weighs 340 pounds. He is a tank of a man and he has wrestled in the past. He is definitely not the guy you want on top of you dropping some ground and pound with fists like that.

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This is how I like to start my days, with a good kick up the ARSE !!! ????. Now, remember this is progression NOT perfection!!! The WHOLE point of me entering the MMA world is to INSPIRE the youth of tomorrow. I have been asked over and over again WHY NOW , well it’s simple, I’m very fortunate that I have been given such a public opportunity to show how with HARD WORK, FOCUS, DEDICATION that we can ALL achieve !!! Now, for me achieving is stepping into a cage, representing myself and the sport. To many children are lost in today’s world, give up to soon, and hold no value to life. If they can see myself, come from where I was, to where I want to be….well I hope to help inspire them to live a better life. If this upsets or offends people who don’t like the fact I am getting into MMA, well to be honest I couldn’t care less. As a MAN i want to help the vulnerable and be respected as a POSITIVE role model. Remember, we are all flesh and blood, to many of us forget what humanity means. @ksw_mma @rdx_sports #martynford #humanity

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Martyn Ford – Iranian Hulk

A fight between these to massive men is sure to draw some serious attention for KSW, even if it is the MMA debut of both. They both already have a substantial online following on social media and this is the type of fight that gets people excited because of their colossal size. Who wouldn’t want to see a battle between these two monsters?

This is the type of fight that would be part of a Pride FC event back in the day, but being that the promotion no longer exists KSW is doing an excellent job picking up the pieces in this department. It was announced in October Ford would be making his MMA debut in 2019, but there has been no word on Gharibi officially signing with the promotion yet.

Several Polish fight sites have started reporting about the potential matchup, and if it does come to fruition we are pretty sure it will grab some serious attention. Fans will likely now anxiously await confirmation from KSW about the fight and the matchup between these two goliaths.

Monsters In The Cage

Ford has started preparing for his MMA fight already and you can see some footage above of him on the heavy bag. A guy his size packs some serious power and at 6’8″ he will have a seven-inch reach advantage over Gharbi.

Gharibi might not have the height Ford has, but he is built like a brick house. With his size, a single punch could turn your lights out, but it won’t be easy punching up against someone like Ford.

if he was spray painted green he would be a spitting image of the incredible hulk. Of course with a guy his size, one has to always question how good his cardio is. With Gharibi it might be a situation where his size alone could take him a long way against a guy like Ford.

Some people might not be into this fight because they will call it a freak show, but that is only because of their massive size. If both of these units come to fight, not only will it be entertaining, but it will get people buzzing. You can’t blame KSW for booking this one if it is official.


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