Mark Hunt’s BRUTAL Christmas Message To Jon Jones & Dana White

mark hunt
Mark Hunt was not happy when he heard about the UFC 232 drama…

Although he left the UFC when his contract expired, heavy-hitting knockout artist Mark Hunt is not done chiming in on big happenings. After the UFC 232 Jon Jones drama unfolded this week, Hunt had a savage Christmas message for Jones and Dana White…

During a wild few days starting this past Sunday night, the UFC and Jon Jones hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. An “abnormal” drug test finding in Jones’ December 9th USADA sample forced a big change this coming Saturday.

UFC 232, originally scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, had to be moved to Los Angeles, California on 6 days notice. The reason? The Nevada State Athletic Commission refused to license Jones after the positive test sample.

Whether or not you agree with Jones and Dana White proclaiming this was residual Turinabol from 15 months ago, you can’t argue with the frustration being vented by fans who paid to be in Vegas for UFC 232.

jon jones mark hunt
“Not a positive test” claimed Dana White…

Mark Hunt Explodes

One former UFC heavyweight in Mark Hunt gave a fairly explosive reaction to the UFC 232 drama. Having fought multiple opponents who had previously or would later pop for steroid use, “The Super Samoan” had a typically brutal Christmas message for all involved, via his Instagram:

Hey everyone let’s move the whole Ufc show in a week for a cheater promoting and condoning steroids isn’t ok @Ufc @jeffnovitzkyufc @danawhite and @jonnybones your a worthless cheating lil rat @alexthemauler don’t bother this loser isn’t on your level this peice of shit company has always promoted cheaters and now they moving the show in one week from Vegas to California for money.

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Mark HUnt
Mark Hunt’s festive message

They certainly have taken away my love for fighting fucken scummy theives I hope everyone sues the ass out of u fuckers fucken trash oh and a merry Christmas to all u fuckers and a happy steroid new year.

UFC ultimate fucken cheaters why don’t u jus cut jones pay gustuvsen and leave the show in Vegas all the fans and families who have already paid don’t miss out oh u only care about the PPV merry Christmas to everyone who has already paid to go there I hope no one buys your ppv motherfuckers.

The least u could do is pay for everyone’s flights to California and accommodation tickets food and everything else u have screwed those there from oh and u can stick my crooked finger in your bum hole for Christmas u poxy lil bitch @danawhite

And a Happy New Year!


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