Mark Casserly replaces Cyrus Washington at CMT 7

John Wayne Parr (@johnwayneparr) has a new opponent for this Saturday, Mark Casserly has stepped in on short notice to replace Cyrus Washington at CMT 7.

Parr vs. Washington was originally set to serve as the main event for CMT 7, but Washington was unable to obtain a work visa to enter Australia. Casserly was scheduled to fight against Michael Badato at CMT 7, but with the Washington unable to make it to Australia he got called up to the main event.

Michael Badato will still be in action on the card, but will now be fighting Boonchu Gym fighter Myles Callaghan.

For those not familiar with CMT it stands for Caged Muay Thai. The promotion was started by John Wayne Parr and featured Muay Thai fights in a cage with MMA gloves.

CMT 7 Fight Card:
John Wayne Parr vs. Mark Casserly
Elliot Compton vs. Paddy Douglas
Nick Atkins vs. Rob Ferguson
Michael Badato vs. Myles Callaghan
Junior Tafa vs. Moe Hussain
Matty Bune vs. Sean Clancy
Lyndon Bin Doraho vs. Nick Barnes
Branton Termine vs. Callum Austin
Blaine Moloney vs. Jesse James March
Demi McNamara vs. Carly Gibson
Lachlan Holiday vs. Brad Davies
Corey Crittenden vs. Nick Trask
Cyrul Currie vs. Josh Fitzroy


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