Manny Pacquiao’s Twin Tricked Everyone In Muay Thai Fight

Manny Pacquiao lookalike

For as long as I can remember it has been said that Manny Pacquiao has some Muay Thai skills.

This has never been corroborated by anything such as video evidence, but it is always fun to have a debate about it. The rumors really took off a few years ago when he was supposedly going to have an exhibition fight with Buakaw.

If this was actually ever in the works to happen or not is anyones guess. It is probably a good thing it didn’t. Have you seen Buakaw in an exhibition fight? The guys that step in the ring with him still catch the wrath.

I personally have spent hours looking for footage of Manny training or fighting Muay Thai and have found nothing. A while ago a video surfaced online that was title Manny Pacquiao Muay Thai knockout. Naturally I had to click on it. At first glance it looks a lot like him and I can see why many were tricked into believing it was.

Despite the similarities once you really pay attention you can easily tell it is not the real Manny in the ring fighting Muay Thai. Perhaps his twin?

The fighter in the video is Mario Sismundo, who’s nickname is also PacMan.

He is a Filipino fighter that competes in Muay Thai and Lethwei. As for his nickname, I would assume it was given to him because of his resemblance to the Boxer.

In the video the first giveaway that it is not Manny Pacquiao is that Pacquiao is a southpaw, but Sismundo is orthodox. The second indicator are the punches. Sismundo’s punches are wide and loopy, Pacquiao is a world champion Boxer, no way he would be throwing punches like that. Finally the most obvious reason we know this is not Manny Pacquiao is that he is a famous and wealthy boxer. Why the heck would be fighting Muay Thai in some rinky dink stadium? Common sense people, lets use it.

Despite this not really being Manny Pacquiao it is entertaining to watch and part of you still kind of wants to believe it is. Check out the video below, is this his twin or what?


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