Man Trying To Kidnap Woman Follows Her Into Karate Studio & Gets Mashed Up

Randall Ephraim was at the dojo and stepped in to help the woman. Image via CNN.

When you are going to try to commit a crime you should try and be as cautious as possible. You also need to know when to move on.

A man in Charlotte, North Carolina allegedly tried to kidnap a woman. He tried to force her into his car, but she was able to get away. The man began to chase her and the woman ran into a Karate dojo to get away from him. Smart move on her behalf.

It was around 9 PM when she ran into Bushiken Karate Charlotte Dojo, where head instructor Randall Ephraim was cleaning up. The woman informed Randall that a man was trying to kidnap her. Not long after the man walked in looking for the girl. Randall was more than ready to handle the situation when the man tried to force his way further into the dojo.

Clearly, this man either thought he could take care of anyone in the dojo or wasn’t aware of where he was walking into. Randall Ephraim delivered a beat down inside and outside the dojo. The man had to be carried away on a stretcher after trying to fight police when they arrived.

Sensei Randall was not to be messed with. Photo via Instagram.

Ready to handle the situation.

“There were still some kids in the dojo being picked up by parents and a couple of adult students cleaning up when a young lady came through our doors and stated that someone was trying to harm her,” said Randall to CNN. “I asked how I could assist him and he stated that he was there for the lady. She insisted that she did not know him and tried to kidnap her.”

Randall could have easily told the lady to leave because as soon as that man came in it was pretty clear there was going to be trouble. LIke a true Karateka, Randall did not back down and when the man initially tried to advance into the gym to get the lady Randall used his skills to get the man out of the dojo. Outside of the dojo, the man got aggressive again and Randall further used his Karate skills to handle the situation.

“I then went into action defending myself and got him out of the dojo. Once outside he attempted to attack again and was dealt with accordingly.”

After catching a beatdown from Randall the man was still hostile and police arrived he tried to attack them. He was taken to the hospital with injuries.

News coverage.

The man accused of trying to kidnap the woman is 46 years old August Williams. Police later stated that Williams was under the influence of drugs. He isn’t a small man by any means as he weighs over 200 pounds.

Randall said to WSOC-TV a local Charlotte station that the man was very strong and under the influence of drugs he was not easy to control. Fortunately, Randall’s skills were good enough to be able to subdue the man. There is no word from police yet on what the exact charges Williams will be facing.


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