Man Goes To MMA Event Selling Brownies, Ends Up Fighting In Main Event

Luis Felipe Alvim
Photo by: Leonardo Fabri/divulgação

Who would have thought that deciding to sell brownies at an MMA event would lead to a story that seemed to be right out of a movie?

That is exactly what happened to Luis Felipe Alvim of Brazil. He along with his girlfriend went to sell brownies at a hotel that MMA event JF Fight 18 was being held at so that he can make enough money to buy at ticket and watch his friends compete. The 22 year old told Brazilian news outlet Combate, that the ticket price was a little steep, which is why he decided to sell the brownies, although his girlfriend only agreed to help him make them and not sell them because she was embarrassed.

While Luis was selling brownies to make enough money to get into the event, things were developing behind the scenes that would create the movie like night. After making enough money he bought the cheapest ticket available and entered the venue. Combat sports are not something foreign for Luis, he competes in Muay Thai as an amateur and is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In the venue he was approached by his coach, and was asked if he wanted to fight.

The main event of the night was scheduled to be a middleweight title fight between Carlos Eduardo and Claudinei Kall. The problem was that Carlos failed to make weight for the fight and Claudinei refused to fight. Luis wasn’t the first choice for the fight, but another fighter turned it down leaving the promotion with few options. Luis had been training for a fight in two weeks for a promotion in Curutiba, but now he was in the main event and it was for the JF Fight middleweight championship.

Luis admitted that he had been eating chocolates and drinking some beer earlier in the day, but he was ready for the opportunity to make his professional MMA debut on short notice. As they sorted out the details with the promotion, it helped that he already had the paper work needed because of his upcoming fight. Everything was agreed to verbally as the show was already under way. While they were sorting everything out Luis’s girlfriend ran home to get his fight equipment such as shorts, mouth guard, etc.

Once both men were in the cage there was a clear size difference. Luis normally fights at lightweight, which is 155 lbs and the current weight he was walking around at. Although Carlos Eduardo was preparing for a middleweight fight, after hydrating he was close to 180 lbs. Size did not deter Luis as he hung tough and seized his opportunity. It looked bad as Carlos was on top of him reigning down some heavy punches, but Luis remained calm and was able to lock in a triangle choke and force the tap to not only win his professional MMA debut, but become the new middleweight champion.

As if this moment couldn’t get any more cinematic, he proposed to his girlfriend after the victory and she said yes.

Talk about a story to have, simply amazing. You can watch Luis win his fight below.


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