Male vs. Female Muay Thai Fight Ends By Knockout

Sports are normally segregated by male and female. An ongoing debate for decades has been regarding women and men competing with each other.

Can women compete with men? That opinion will differ from person to person. Some women have successfully competed with men and others have not. The number of women that have successfully competed against men is small, but the ones that have done well have looked great.

The most recent debates in sports regarding women competing have taken place in MMA. When Ronda Rousey was going through her tear in the UFC there were people saying she could compete with male fighters. After she was knocked out in consecutive fights those talks ceased. Cris “Cyborg” Justino is now someone whose name comes up often in the female vs. male debate.

Cyborg is easily the most dangerous woman in combat sports. She is currently the UFC women’s featherweight champion and has looked unstoppable. She has beaten the best females in the world and it is difficult to picture someone taking your belt anytime soon. Despite this odds are we will never see her compete against a man. It is something that is a little taboo nowadays in countries like the United States.

Cris Cyborg has dominated her competition to become UFC champion.
Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

One country that has had no problem setting up fights between men and women is the Netherlands. They have had several female vs. male fights take place, they are considered exhibitions. Just because they carry the word exhibition doesn’t mean that a real fight is not taking place.

The most notorious fight of this type took place in 1994 at the Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam. Lucia Rijker, an undefeated Kickboxer took on Muay Thai fighter Somchai Jaidee.

It was a brutal ending.

When most people see this fight they don’t expect it to be an actual fight. Most people think it is just a show, but this was a real as it could get. After a close first round that seemed like more a feeling out process for both fighters, Lucia Rijker’s started to turn things up in the second. This may have been what cost her the fight. She connected with a right hook on Somchai that made him back up and probably sensing he was hurt she got very aggressive. When she became aggressive she started opening her punches more as Somchai backed into a corner. Getting wild with her punches left her open to a left straight that turned her stiff. Somchai landed a few more punches, but they were just formality as she was already out.

In a lot of situations like this, a lot of people expect the male fighter not to try and knock out the female. Somchai did not care, he was in this fight to win. Regardless if it was a man or woman this KO was pretty brutal.

Rijker retired undefeated in Kickboxing and Boxing.

Despite the result in this fight, Lucia Rijker is one bad woman. She has often been referred to as the world’s most dangerous woman. Her official nicknames were Lady Tyson and the Dutch Destroyer. She retired from combat sports with undefeated records in Kickboxing and Boxing. 37-0-1 for Kickboxing and 17-0 for Boxing. The exhibition fight with Somchai doesn’t count towards here professional Kickboxing record.

I doubt there will be any female vs. male fight anytime soon, but if Cris Cyborg were to ever compete in one I would definitely be watching.


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