Logan Paul Explains How He Could Defeat Conor McGregor

A Boxing even that is expected to gain millions of views will be taking place August 25, 2018, but this event won’t feature any pro Boxers.

This Boxing event will feature some of the most popular YouTube personalities around. Logan Paul vs. KSI and Jake Paul vs. Deji. If none of those names ring a bell to you it’s because they aren’t fighters. These men have built huge followings on YouTube for their antics and lifestyle. Logan Paul is probably the most recognizable name of the bunch because of the recent controversies he had been embroiled in. On December 31, 2017, he uploaded a video to YouTube of him at Aokigahara, a forest in Japan. It is known as a place where people go to commit suicide. In the video, Logan Paul featured a recently deceased corpse. The backlash was swift for the YouTube star.

What does any of this have to do with Conor McGregor? Well since Logan Paul’s controversy has blown over he has continued to go on with his YouTube career. Then earlier this year he was challenged by British YouTuber KSI to a Boxing match, which he accepted. The event is brothers vs. brothers. Logan’s brother Jake will take on KSI’s brother Deji and serve as the co-main event.

There has been press conferences and other normal things that take place to hype up an event but let’s be real, no one expects much from these guys. This is white collar Boxing and it will probably end up looking like just that. People will watch, they will make some good money and then will go on with their lives. Well, apparently Logan Paul is thinking he might hang around the fight scene for while.

Elie Seckbach who has interviewed some of the best fighters in combat sports for his YouTube channel ESNews caught up with Logan Paul and got some interesting information from him. Elie asked him what he thought of fighting Conor McGregor to which Logan replied: “we’ll think about down the road, a couple of years.”

It wasn’t made clear if they were talking about Boxing or MMA at the time. Logan laughed and the gentleman with him laughed and said that was funny. It wasn’t clear if the laugh was because they thought they could beat Conor or because it was an odd question. Then as Logan was walking away Elie said: “You may have better wrestling.” Logan Paul responded with…

“Yea that’s a fact.”

I had to play that video back a few times to make sure I heard right. This guy who has one amateur white collar Boxing match to his name said he was a better wrestler than the only man in the history of the UFC to hold championship belts in two different weight classes at the same time. Well, it turns out his claim might not be so crazy. In high school Logan Paul qualified for the state-level Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) 2013 Division I Wrestling Individual Championships.

Logan Paul Wrestling in high school.

There is a lot more to MMA than just wrestling, but maybe Logan wouldn’t be such an easy pushover. Afterall where McGregor is considered to be his weakest is on the ground. The problem is that these fights all start on their feet and that is where Conor shines. He is also very hard to take down. Had Logan kept pursuing wrestling then he might have a shot and these comments might not seem as crazy.

Regardless of his wrestling background, my money would be on Mystic Mac. Even if Conor wasn’t a champion high school wrestler, he trains wrestling and has fought at the highest lever in the UFC for the last five years. Logan Paul has been busy making his millions with YouTube, not beating people up.


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