Liam Nolan Talks WMC Title Fight Against Anthony Njokuani

The UK’s Liam Nolan will be looking to make a statement at Triumphant 1 this weekend.

He will be fighting UFC veteran Anthony Njokunai for the WMC Intercontinental Championship. Liam is a 20 year old prospect that has a bright future in the sport. Njokunai is stand between him and a title that is coveted throughout the Muay Thai world.

We had a chance to speak to Liam about the upcoming fight and what it means for him to fight for the WMC title. He has his eyes set on the prize and that should lead to a fantastic bout with Njokuani. You can read the interview below. Enjoy!

MTA: Big fight coming up against former UFC veteran Anthony Njokuani on September 29th at Triumphant 1. How has training camp been going for this fight?

Liam: Training is always horrible and hard work, but I can seem to get enough of it haha.

MTA: What are you thoughts on Anthony as an opponent?

Liam: From what I have seen of my opponent he is good and he has fought a lot in MMA. I’m sure we will have an entertaining fight.

MTA: What would you say is your biggest advantage coming into this fight?

Liam: I believe I have lots of advantages, I have a awkward style to fight.

MTA: You are coming from the UK, Anthony will likely have the crowd behind him. How much does having the crowd’s support play in a fight if any?

Liam: It doesn’t matter too much if the crowd is behind him more. At the end of it’s just me and him in there, besides I might be able to get them shouting for me at some stage.

MTA: Coming from the UK are you worried about Jet lag, and how do you try to prevent that?

Liam: I’m not one to suffer from bad jet lag and I have a few days in America before the fight to get used to it.

MTA: This is for the WMC Intercontinental title, how important is it for you to win that belt?

Photo by Dave Ford Art

Liam: I have wanted to win a WMC belt from around 13 years old. It’s one of the best you can win in Muay Thai, I’m very happy with that!

MTA: When and why did you start training Muay Thai?

Liam: I started training Muay Thai around 13 and had my first fight around that time too. I was doing other martial arts and sports before, until I found Muay Thai and I stopped all other sports I was doing and just decided that Muay Thai was the one I wanted to do.

MTA: You are 20 years old and are a rising star in Muay Thai. How do you see your career in the next 10 years, what are you goals?

Liam: My goals are to be a world champion like most who have a career in Muay Thai, but I do this for fun so as long as I keep enjoying it and don’t see training as a chore then that’s good enough for me. There is not enough money in the sport at the moment to just purely train and fight this is why enjoying it is the most important thing.

MTA: Any type of prediction for this fight?

Liam: I have no prediction. All I know is I am going to fight with with everything I have, I don’t want any ifs or buts when the fights finished. I want to leave it all in the ring.

MTA: So fights fans can know a little about yourself. What do you do besides train to destroy guys in Muay Thai?

Liam: In between fights I like to enjoy time off, relax, spend time with friends and family a bit more and eat a shit loads of food haha.

MTA: What would be your dream match up?

Liam: My dream match up… would love to punch Wayne Rooney in the face for my football team Manchester City.

MTA: Who are some of your favorite Muay Thai fighters?

Liam: I have got so many favorite fighters of course all the top Thai fighters but also we have a lot of great talent here in the U.K. that I look up to and learn from.

MTA: Any words for your supporters?

Liam: Thank you for all of your support I’ll make sure I bring that belt back home to England !


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