Kunlun Fight 43 Results

Kunlun Fight 43 Results

Kunlun Fight 43 took place this past weekend in Zhoukou, China. The event featured a re-match between Artur Kyshenko and Murthel Groenhart as well as groups I and J of the promotions 70kg world tournament qualifiers.

Artur Kyshenko was knocked out by Murthel Groenhart in their first fight back in 2012, but this time around it was a different story. Kyshenko controlled the ring and pressed the action from the start. It seemed he was a step ahead of Groenhart throughout the fight, but an extra round was called for. In the extra round, Kyshenko again took control and won on the judges scorecards.

In tournament action Sittichai Sitsongpeenong added yet another tournament win to his resume, but it wasn’t easy. In the final of the tournament against Mohamed Mezouari he was knocked down by a punch in the first round and was in survival mode. It looked as if Mezouari would pull off the upset, but after the first round it was all Sittichai. The fight went to an extra round where Sittichai secured the victory by decision.

In the night’s other tournament Kong Lingfeng secured his spot in the world tournament by defeating Josh Aragon and Kim Minsoo.

Kunlun Fight 43 Results:
Artur Kyshenko def. Murthel Groenhart via Extra Round Decision
Bai Lishuai def. Brian Denis via Decision
Kohei Kodera def. Adam Rothweiler via Decision
Artur Gurlov def. Bo Fufan via Decision
Wei Ninghui def. Pascal Koster via Decision
Wang Kehan def. Rachel Adamus via (T)KO in Rd. 3
Keijiro Miyakoshi def. Lee Chan Hyeong via Extra Round Decision
Asihati (China) def. Faisal Zakaria via KO in Rd. 1

Kunlun Fight 70kg Tournament Group I Semi-Finals:
Sittichai Sitsongpeenong def. Walid Hamid via (T)KO in Rd. 2
Mohamed Mezouari def. Yussef Boulahtari via (T)KO in Rd. 1

Kunlun Fight 70kg Tournament Group I Final:
Sittichai Sitsongpeenong def. Mohamed Mezouari via Extra Round Decision

Kunlun Fight 70kg Tournament Group J Semi-Finals:
Kong Lingfeng def. Josh Aragon via Decision
Kim Minsoo def. Zhao Yan via Decision

Kunlun Fight 70kg Tournament Group J Final:
Kong Lingfeng def. Kim Minsoo via (T)KO in Rd. 2


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