WATCH: Logan Paul’s Opponent KSI Flatlines Sparring Partner With Huge KO

    Youtube stars KSI and Logan Paul will fight later this month in a fight that is trending to be massive…
    KSI vs Logan Paul, a fight that sounds like two 80’s movie stars, goes down on August 25th. Although many first saw this fight as low level, the 11 million viewers of their press conference clearly don’t feel the same way…

    Among some of the weirdest trends on the internet right now is Youtube celebrity boxing. The latest craze of the viral video makers settling differences in the boxing ring is interesting, to say the least.

    Perhaps even crazier is the fascination KSI vs Logan Paul is generating. To put things in perspective, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather’s press conference peaked at 3 million live viewers.

    KSI vs Logan Paul dwarfed that number with a whopping 11 million. It really is insane to think that a boxing match between two Youtubers could well be bigger than that between two actual fighting champs, in terms of views at least.

    KSI vs Logan Paul press conference in London

    KSI vs Logan Paul Sparring Comparison (Videos Below)

    With just 11 days to go before their fight, the KSI and Logan Paul stories have come thick and fast. Perhaps in jest, Logan Paul even claimed he wanted a piece of UFC star Conor McGregor recently.

    Also of interest are the videos of Logan Paul and KSI sparring, although not each other obviously. Of both the videos, KSI’s appears to be the nastiest by far. There isn’t much footage out there, but in all honesty they actually look impressive considering neither man is actually a fighter by trade.

    Watch KSI completely knock his opponent clean out, followed by Logan Paul knocking his brother silly:


    Another youtuber, a man by the name of Deji, is actually fighting Logan Paul’s younger brother Jake on August 25th. Needless to say, we will provide plenty of coverage of the event that weekend.

    Anyway, back to the point, Logan Paul sparred a fairly hefty fella for cameras recently. It was nowhere near as brutal as KSI’s widowmaker, but Paul looks impressive while flooring his man:

    The Future Is Weird

    Boxing, as noble a sport as it used to be, is a weird landscape nowadays. Obviously, KSI vs Logan Paul is far from a high-level fight, but the frenzied following of both men are providing massive traction before their fight.

    Will more ‘celebrities’ follow suit after this fight? One cautionary tale that not many people know about was a celebrity fight in Asia, featuring a bodybuilder and a famous youtuber Sadly, the bodybuilder passed away following a bit of a nasty TKO.

    As per The Mirror:

    After the match, which was won by 41-year-old Lim, Subramanian was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Subramanian died at the Singapore General Hospital at about 1pm UK time on Saturday, Asia Fighting Championship said in an emailed statement.

    “According to the preliminary medical report released by Singapore General Hospital, Mr Pradip Subramanian suffered a cardiac arrest respiratory failure episode which led to his passing.”


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