KO Of The Week: Errol Zimmerman vs. Rico Verhoeven

Errol Zimmerman vs. Rico Verhoeven

Verhoeven was extremely aggressive as he looked to back the shorter Zimmerman against the ropes.

Zimmerman seemed very comfortable fighting with his back against the rope as he slung some heavy punches. When he had space he made sure to end his combinations with low kicks. Rico looked to land some big knees up the middle when they were in close range.

A little past the 30 second mark of the opening round, Zimmerman unloaded a four punch combo. It was partially blocked by Verhoeven, but the final uppercut that Zimmerman unloaded got through and floored Verhoeven. He tried to get right back up, but could not move.

Zimmerman knew he had landed the home run punch because he was celebrating before Verhoeven had hit the ground. One thing that is for certain is that in the heavyweight division you need to make sure you keep your guard up because most heavyweight can put you to sleep.

Since that fight Verhoeven and Zimmerman have fought two more times, with Verhoeven winning both fights. He has gone on to become the number one ranked heavyweight Kickboxer in the world. Currently he is on a six fight win streak, his last fight being a win over Badr Hari. Zimmerman has not done as well, having gone 5-7 since that fight.

Check out the monster KO of Rico Verhoeven by Errol Zimmerman below.


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