KO of the Week: Buakaw vs. Yoshihiro Sato

Buakaw vs. Yoshihiro Sato

The fight between Buakaw and Sato was very exciting from the opening round.

Buakaw had already beat Sato twice coming into their third fight (they have fought a total of 4 times). Both fighters were letting their fist and feet fly with bad intentions and entering the third round both had eaten some heavy shots. None of the fighters had gone down, despite the heavy blows and it seemed this one would be going the distance.

A little past the midway point of the third round Buakaw and Sato were both fighting hard when it seemed a body kick from Sato took the wind out of Buakaw’s sails. He followed it up with a right hand that sent Buakaw to the canvas. He lay there and did not beat the referee’s count. It was a stunning knock out and upset by Sato.

They would end up fighting one more time in their career for Max Muay Thai five years after this fight and Buakaw would in by decision.

Check out the video of the KO and let us know what you thought of the fight.


  1. Buakaw was the king no doubt about that even from his trollers, but he got old…I think it’s time to quit for good or to give some well payed fights with manors opponents.. respect to the King


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