KO of the Week: Buakaw vs. Yoshihiro Sato

Buakaw will likely go down in history as the most popular Muay Thai and K-1 fighter of all time.

He is superstar in Thailand, and the one fighter that all Muay Thai fans know about. His rise to prominence started when he began fighting in K-1 Max.

He was involved in some great fights with fighters like Masato, Andy Souwer, and Yoshiro Sato. He won two K-1 Max World Tournaments and kick started his rise to fame.

Everyone is used to seeing Buakaw punish his opponents in the ring, and in recent years the three losses he has had have all be controversial. His loss to Yi Long was a straight robbery, his loss to Enriko Kehl was as controversial as they come when Buakaw refused to fight an extra round. The only loss that wasn’t marred with controversy, but was still questionable was his loss to Khayal Dzhaniev. It was a good fight, and Buakaw lost a decision that quite a few thought should have gone to him.

In July of 2008 Buakaw had his third fight with Yoshiro Sato, which is where our KO of the Week comes from. Buakaw lost and there was no controversy, it was in decisive fashion as Sato knocked him out.

(Click next to watch the Buakaw get knocked out in the KO of the Week)


  1. Buakaw was the king no doubt about that even from his trollers, but he got old…I think it’s time to quit for good or to give some well payed fights with manors opponents.. respect to the King


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