Knockout of the Week: Meletis Kakoubavas vs. Samo Petje

Meletis Kakoubavas vs. Samo Petje

The Knockout of the Week features Meletis Kakoubavas vs. Samo Petje from FFC 22.

This has to be the worst looking knockout in the history of Kickboxing. It is actually pretty scary how bad this knockout looks.

Greek fighter Meltis Kakoubavas is known for his knockout power and in this fight you see it in full effect. He times a right hand perfectly and completely obliterates Samo Petje with this thunderous punch. It is text book execution as Petje was trying to knee the body.

Petje is a good fighter, but this serves as the perfect example that on any given night you can be knocked out. Kakaoubavas knew this fight was over when he landed the punch all he could do was walk away. It seemed like Petje wouldn’t be able to walk out of the ring under his own power the way that he was laying on the canvas.

(Click next to watch the most brutal knockout ever)



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