Buakaw vs. Shishido


Buakaw is a legend in both Muay Thai and Kickboxing, we can fill this entire page with all of his accomplishments.

He has delivered some great knockouts in his career, but none greater than this one.

In his fight against Shishido, Buakaw recorded the fastest knockout of his career. The picture of Buakaw standing over Shishido is plastered all over the internet. The dominance that it portrays is amazing, and is the perfect reminder of how dangerous Buakaw was during his K-1 Max run.

The KO is not only fast, it is brutal. At first glance you have to imagine the worst for Shishido, but he was okay. He even got to re-match Buakaw later in his career and lost a decision. The thing is no one remembers their second fight, which to place in Shoot Boxing. Everyone remembers this massive knockout.

Buakaw is a well rounded fighter, he can use any weapon and this time around it was his hands that did the damage.

It looked like he killed Shishido when he landed the punch, but luckily that was not the case. Pay close attention and watch as Buakaw misses a massive kick seconds before landing the fight ending punch. Let’s be glad he didn’t connect with that kick because things might have been even worse for Shishido had that happened.

Watch the fight below and let us know your thoughts on this knockout as well as which Buakaw knockout is your all time favorite.


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