Kimbo Slice Movie: Winston Duke to Play Kimbo in “Backyard Legend”

    Kimbo Slice came from a street fighting underground star to the main stage in MMA…

    Kimbo Slice, truly one of the most unique and intriguing personalities in combat sports, will have a biopic made about his life. Needless to say, fans of the Youtube fighting sensation will be queueing down the street to watch this one…

    During the early 2000’s, a bearded brawler named Kimbo Slice began emerging in street fight videos on Youtube. Distributed through the adult website ‘Sublime Directory,’ the fights showed the muscled fighter known as ‘Kimbo’ in unsanctioned combat.

    Shown in his first fight leaving a large cut on his opponent ‘Big D,’ Kimbo earned the nickname ‘Slice,’ combined with his childhood nickname to become the name everyone would soon know; Kimbo Slice.

    Coming into 2005, Slice was well established in the fight community. Before ‘viral’ was even a thing in the fight game, Kimbo had been there and done it with his bareknuckle fighting videos.

    Soon after, Kimbo made his MMA debut.

    Kimbo Slice was a star in the MMA world…

    MMA to Boxing & The Beyond

    Although he never made it past two fights in the UFC, Kimbo had done what nobody had before him. Coming from a Youtube background was literally unheard of at this point, little did anybody know the clock was ticking on Kimbo’s MMA career but also his life.

    On February 19, 2016, Kimbo fought Dada 5000 in what appeared, at first, to be simply a very bad fight. There was so much more, as we would later learn, going on behind the scenes.

    Dada 5000 suffered a heart attack and liver failure, nearly dying in hospital after the fight, Kimbo would not be as fortunate, passing away on July 6, 2016. Slice was scheduled to face James Thompson in a rematch of their Elite XC brawl just 10 days later.

    Turns out Kimbo had been battling ailing health for some time, eventually suffering heart failure as a result of liver issues and pneumonia.

    Now, two years on, reports have surfaced about a movie depicting Kimbo’s life and death:

    Kimbo Slice the legendary and tragic brawler

    Kimbo Slice “Backyard Legend”

    According to multiple reports, a movie about Kimbo’s life and tragic passing is in the works. Featuring “Black Panther” actor Winston Duke, the biopic is rumored to be headed by WeBros entertainment and Bee Holder Productions:

    The film, currently titled Backyard Legend, also has Duke credited as an executive producer. No other casting announcements have been made.

    Duke is best known for his role as M’Baku in Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War as well as television roles in “Modern Family” and “Person of Interest.”

    Winston Duke will play Kimbo Slice in Backyard Legend, reports stated

    Slice, real name Kevin Ferguson, is survived by his namesake son Jr., and a large network of family and friends. Despite his gruff and aggressive appearance and background in smashing people in the face, Kimbo was described as a loving man with a heart of gold.

    Let’s hope Winston Duke can do Kimbo Slice justice in the movie!


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