Kick Fighters: National Geographic Documentary

Kick Fighters: National Geographic Documentary

2005 was a great year for Kickboxing. K-1 was going strong and fighters like Buakaw, John Wayne Parr and Masato were a big part of that. In the documentary Kick Fighters by National Geographic the three fighters are followed during the build up to the K-1 World Max 2005.

All three of these fighters are legends now, and were rising to their status when this was made. It is great to see them as they were on the rise, they were a huge part to the success of K-1 back then. It is hard to find someone who was not a fan of K-1 during this time if they loved stand up fighting. So many great fights taking place and it was the promotion to fight for. 

It was a great tournament with nothing but action and in addition to the three fighters that are the focus of the documentary this tournament was full of talent. Mike Zambidis, Andy Souwer, and Albert Kraus were among the other contestants in the 16-man tournament.

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