Khabib Reunites UFC 229 Brawlers, Sends Message to Conor McGregor

Khabib Nurmagomedov is arguably one of the most dominant forces the UFC and the MMA world has ever seen. Image Source: Sky Sports.

Things have been somewhat quiet regarding UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor.

After their infamous UFC 229 brawl their names were in every headline for weeks, but now as they wait for their punishment to be handed down by the Nevada Athletic Commission not much between the two has gone on. Today, however, Khabib took to Instagram and posted a picture of himself with his team. Oddly enough he included the Conor McGregor quote “If one of us go to the war, we all go to the war.”

McGregor first used the quote after his UFC 178 victory over Dustin Porier, in which a huge number of his Irish fan base showed up to Las Vegas to support him. It was only his fourth fight in the UFC at the time, but his stock was increasing massively at that point. Two fights later he would win the featherweight title with a spectacular KO of then featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo.

It seems like Khabib was definitely trolling McGregor because two fighters with him the picture were Esedulla Emiragaev and Zubaira Tukhugov. Both of them were fighting side by side with Khabib during the UFC 229 brawl. He also added to the Instagram post “but it’s a different story. Deeds will always be above words.”

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If one of us go to the war, We all go to the war…but it’s different story. Deeds will always be above words. Поступки – всегда превыше слов. #Brothers

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Khabib doesn’t hold back ever.

That seems to interpret to you might say it, but we actually do it. It isn’t known if he was really trying to make fun of McGregor after all the statement holds true for Khabib and his crew.

At this point, everyone is just waiting for the final verdict to come down from the Nevada Athletic Commission. UFC president Dana White has already said that the Khabib vs. Conor rematch is likely next. Although McGregor himself has been challenged by everyone you can imagine. From Anderson Silva to Donal Cerrone, everyone seems to be itching to step into the ring with McGregor an earn a piece of record selling PPV events. Oddly enough McGregor expressed interested in fighting Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition match, the Japanese Kickboxer that Floyd Mayweather recently knocked out.

As for Khabib a lot of the speculation around him has included a potential Boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, while seemingly shunning Tony Ferguson. Many fans and MMA pundits think that Ferguson should be the next inline for the title. At this point it seems he might endup getting the short end of the stick. Khabib’s stock rose dramatically after he submitted McGregor at UFC 229.

McGregor delivers his quote.

McGregor has yet to post any type of response to the Khabib post. He might not see it as Khabib mocking him. Only McGregor knows, but never one to bite his tounge, you have to assume that if McGregor had a problem with it he would have fired back already.

What do you want to see next for Khabib and Conor? Is a rematch the way to go or should they each take another fight before even thinking about a rematch?


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