Khabib Releases Promo Video For His New Book & It’s…Terrible

Khabib Nurmagomedov is the Undisputed, Undefeated UFC Lightweight Champion. After smashing McGregor back in October, he has become quite the star worldwide. Image Source: FOX Sports Asia.

So after Khabib’s rampage, you’d have expected the news on him to cool off a little bit. You were wrong. Today, Khabib released a trailer for his autobiography. While Khabib still reigns to build that legacy, even more, he is choosing now to write about his life. 

Now, to say the least, the trailer isn’t the most exciting thing you’ll ever watch. It’s pretty anti-climactic and it’s in Russian so it’s not like many of us can actually understand it.

Now the fact we are still waiting for Khabib’s next hearing with the NSAC for his actions at UFC 229 potentially means we are going to miss a huge chunk of Khabibs career in the book. Unless he releases a second one because that’d be normal…

Khabib is regarded as one of the most dominant forces in MMA today. Image Source: Business Insider.

Khabib Time

Khabib released the trailer on his Instagram followed with a statement in Russian. This roughly translates to…

“Tomorrow I will go to the Olympic stage to take part in the Synergy Global Forum. With great pleasure I accepted the invitation of the organizers. However, in addition to the speech, I will have to present my autobiography “KHABIBTIME”. We worked on the book for 2 years. Then, in the beginning, we did not even attach much importance to writing a book, doing this as a hobby. We just remembered and fixed. Gradually, everything has come to the fact that tomorrow we will present the book to the country and the world. I invite you, my friends, to this meeting!”

Here is the trailer that was released with this statement.

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Уже завтра я выйду на сцену «Олимпийского», чтобы принять участие в Synergy Global Forum. С большим удовольствием принял приглашение организаторов. Однако, помимо выступления мне предстоит презентовать свою автобиографию “KHABIBTIME”. Мы работали над книгой 2 года. Тогда, в начале, мы даже и не придавали написанию книги большого значения, занимаясь этим в качестве увлечения. Мы просто вспоминали и фиксировали. Постепенно всё пришло к тому, что уже завтра мы презентуем книгу стране и миру. Приглашаю вас, друзья, на эту встречу! #KhabibTime #sgf2018 @synergyuniversity @z_kurbanov

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Of course, they used the clip where Khabib dropped McGregor. I mean rightfully so, he did what no one had done yet. He completely outclassed McGregor. But other than that, did that hype you up? Didn’t do it for me…

Khabib said they’d been working on this book for 2 years, meaning the most significant years of his career should be included. However, this means the rest of his career won’t be.

Khabib is young, he still has the potential to keep on going in MMA and cement himself as one of the greats. But only time will tell if he will carry on, especially with him threatening to quit the UFC.


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