Kevin Ross out of fight with Matt Embree at Lion Fight Muay Thai VI

Kevin Ross out of fight with Matt EmbreeKevin Ross will no longer be fighting Matt Embree as originally expected. Ross and Embree were set to tangle at Lion Fight Muay Thai VI on May 12th, but a knee injury will keep him out of action. Ross was previously forced to withdraw from a fight with Choke Eminent Air when he injured his knee during training.

Ross recently had an MRI done on his knee and the results were not what the American stand out was hoping. A torn ACL was discovered and surgery will be needed. When asked about the injury, Ross indicated the doctors were surprised he had been able to function as he had with the injury. “Yea said I was some kind of super ninja being able to function the way I have been” said Ross.

A date for his surgery is not set yet, but hopefully the surgery goes well and we can see Ross back in action as soon as possible.


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