Kevin Lee Responds To Khabib’s Post Fight Statement: ‘F*** Being Humble’

Kevin Lee is a current UFC Lightweight, he recently lost to ‘Ragin’ Al Iaquinta in a 5 round decision.

Following his most recent UFC loss against Al Iaquinta, Kevin Lee had a few things to say regarding the criticism he received for his approach to the fight. Not for just anyone who hated on him though, Khabib was a target.

If you hadn’t watched the rematch between Al and Kevin, I’d definitely go and watch it. Kevin swore to send Al ‘back to the prelims’ and in fact, he did not do that. Instead, Al received a huge boost in popularity after putting on an impressive performance against Lee.

Al is now number 4 in the Lightweight rankings and received huge praise from perhaps the whole roster and community. Including Lightweight champ himself, Khabib Nurmagomedov. Who is currently one of the bigger names in MMA after demolishing Irish superstar Conor McGregor at UFC 229.

Lee still stands as a young fighter and has lots of time to improve his game. Image Source: MMA Mania.

“Humble is the key”

So with any close decision in any combat sport, there is bound to be controversy as to who actually won. Lee believes he won his rematch fight with Iaquinta and the look on his face when he lost expressed this.

But as soon as the fight finished Khabib took to Twitter…

Obviously, Kevin Lee being the person he is was going to respond to this, many still believe that Lee is still the hardest fight for Khabib at Lightweight. However, Kevin has to work his way there and it could be a while before that happens. He later posted this to Instagram…

Effectively saying he has been a victim of racism, more importantly, he feels that he has been affected by it in the UFC as a business.

In an Instagram video posted by Lee, this is what he had to say following his fight. Transcript by MMA Junkie.

“The fight on Saturday, I still feel like we won it,”

“I fought a lot off my back foot as a southpaw and against my natural fighting style. My explosiveness and coming forward and being aggressive.

“I tried to show something a little too different. Al showed up, he put on a great performance, landed a great shot in the fourth round. All I can say is: I’m going to be back, I’m still going to be a champ regardless of where it’s at and what it is.”

So, say Kevin Lee climbs his way back up the rankings. If Khabib remains on top of his throne would you bet on Lee? Or Khabib? It’s certainly an interesting matchup.


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