K-1 World GP 2016 Japan Results

K-1 World GP 2016 Japan Results

The K-1 World GP 2016 Japan took place in Tokyo, Japan today. The night’s highlight was the 65kg tournament.

Hideaki Yamazaki was the night’s big winner as he bested a field that included Yutao Kubo and Masaaki Nori. Yamazaki make his way to the finals with two (T)KO wins, including one over Kubo. In the final he faced Nori and after a close fight he was awarded a majority decision. Great performance beating a solid field of fighters for Yamazaki.

The K-1 65kg championship was also on the line as Kaew Weerasak, formerly Fairtex put his title on the line against young gun Massaro Glunder. After three rounds Kaew successfully defended his title in a split decision win. It was a solid showing for Glunder, but once again the big career win eluded him.

K-1 World GP 2016 Japan Results:
Kaew Weerasak def. Massaro Glunder via Split Decision – Defends K-1 65kg Championship
Urabe HiroshiTakashi def. Johannes Wolf via Majority Decision
Makoto Uehara def. Nori via KO at 2:06 of Rd. 1
Yu Hirono def. Kotetsu via Unanimous Decision
Kohei Nishikawa def. Taiki Yoshinuma via Extra Round Decision
Katsuya Jinbo def. Tsuyoshio via (T)KO at 1:40 of Rd. 3

Masaaki Nori def. Kimura Minoru via (T)KO at 2:54 of Rd. 1
Hiroya def. Terasaki Naoki via KO at 2:19 of Rd. 1
Hideaki Yamazaki def. Soda Yasuomi via KO at 0:32 of Rd. 2
Yuta Kubo def. Noman via Unanimous Decision

K-1 65kg Semi-Finals:
Hideaki Yamazaki def. Yuta Kubo via (T)KO at 2:57 of Rd. 3
Masaaki Nori def. Hiroya via Majority Decision

K-1 65kg Final:
Hideaki Yamazaki def. Masaaki Nori via Majority Decision


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