Jose Aldo wants to be released from UFC contract

Jose Aldo

It seemed for a while that Jose Aldo would get a chance to avenge his loss to Conor McGregor. Unfortunately for Aldo the announcement that McGregor would be challenging Eddie Alvarez for the UFC Lightweight Championship at UFC 205 prevented that from occurring.

Aldo has now stated that he wants to be released from his UFC contract. He told told that he can’t trust “a single word” that Dana White says.

Apparently Aldo was told he would fight McGregor next, but as has been a common occurrence in the UFC things change fast. Aldo states he has been lied to numerous times and points out that he was told that he winner between he and Frankie Edgar would fight McGregor for the belt, or if McGregor did not return they would become the linear champion. He has a point as most of this has been said publicly by White.

Aldo also stated that McGregor is running things now, “since I’m not here to be McGregor’s employee, I ask for my contract with the UFC to be terminated” said Aldo.

Do you think Aldo should be released from his UFC contract?



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