Report: Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson Rematch Targeted For Huge PPV

News has surfaced suggesting Jon Jones could be returning as early as the end of this year if he gets cleared in time by USADA. Jones vs Gus 2? Image Source: MMA Junkie.

One of the UFC’s superstars, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones could be cleared by the end of 2018 and his comeback fight is looking extremely exciting…

Jon Jones is now 31 years old after becoming the UFC’s youngest champion in March of 2011 and seemingly being unstoppable. He ran into a few controversies in his career that have allowed him to only fight a total of twice since defeating Daniel Cormier for the first time in 2015.

After his long-awaited rematch with Daniel Cormier that finally took place at UFC 214 last year, where he knocked out DC with a vicious head kick and series of strikes afterwards. The outcome was overturned to a no contest as Jones tested positive for turinabol which is a type of steroid.

jones vs gus 2
Jones vs Gus 2 looks the be the Americans comeback fight. After receiving Fight Of The Year for their first fight way back in 2013. This fight would be incredible to see again. Image Source: LowKick MMA

Jones vs Gus 2

Jones despite being suspended has been very active on social media, posting training videos hinting at an imminent comeback. But USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) has yet to officially clear him.

USADA has been a target for some controversies recently surrounding the Jones case.

A USADA spokesperson Danielle Eurich told MMAjunkie, “In relation to some media and social media comments we have observed, USADA wishes to clarify that under no circumstances do we receive payments as part of the resolution of cases.”

However, they did go onto say. “You never know the UFC’s side, they want to do business and make money so if he’s available, and USADA clears him, then they’re gonna want to do business and put him back out there to fight and make that company money,”

So if anybody was to think that USADA was bribed out of cases think again.

After Jones won the first fight by a close decision this fight could certainly go either way. Image Source:

With 2018 coming to an end sooner rather than later, we hope to see Jones cleared and facing Gus for another back and forth fight. Perhaps another fight of the year contender? That would be interesting indeed.

As per, DC may not compete at 205 pounds again, leaving the door open for this rematch:

Rumors are that the UFC are in talks and may be moving forward on a Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson title fight for later in the year. Yes, you heard that correctly. Bones Jones may be back before the end of 2018. And yes, Daniel Cormier may be done with the UFC’s light heavyweight belt.


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