Jon Jones Wants UFC 214 Result Against Cormier Reversed

Jon Jones is once again the UFC light heavyweight champion after finishing Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232.

Jones seemed to start slow in the year ending headliner for the UFC. Once he got the fight to the ground in the third round it was vintage Jones. He brutalized Gustafsson with big punches, eventually forcing him to give up his back. Gustafsson took more punishment until the referee decided to stop the fight. It was a dominant win in his return to action in a year and a half.

Of course, all the buzz leading up to the fight was regarding the Jones drug test that showed traces of turinabol. The steroid Jones was suspended for in July of 2017. The fight was moved from Nevada to California so that Jones could get licensed because it was stated by USADA that the trace amount was from his first offense.

Jones denied the steroid when he first tested positive in 2017. This is something he reiterated in the post-fight press conference after capturing the UFC light heavyweight title again.

Jones claims his innocence.

“In the first drug test situation with Daniel Cormier, they found a long-term metabolite in my body. There were no short-term metabolites being found in my body. I don’t know how long this has been in my body, but I’d eventually like to fight to get my Daniel Cormier fight overturned.” Jones said.

He also brought up the fact that he took a polygraph test after the first reported violation. He stated that he passed it and it proves he has never done anything to cheat the sport of MMA.

“I said in another interview that if I’m lying, then I pray that lord take every ounce of talent out of my body,” he said. “I took a polygraph test, I looked these people in the eyes and said that I have never done anything to cheat this sport, and I passed that polygraph test. I had no Jedi mind tricks to pass that polygraph test.”

Jones was dominant at UFC 214 against Cormier.

Does Jones have Cormier’s number?

Jones sounds confident that he feels he can get his no contest result for his fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 overturned to the original result. For anyone that doesn’t remember, Jones scored a third-round KO of Cormier. After testing positive the result was changed to a no contest and he was stripped of his title. Cormier then went on to become the light heavyweight champion and most recently heavyweight champion. He relinquished the light heavyweight title before UFC 232.

It seems like a tall task to have the athletic commission change the result of a fight after they already overturned the initial result. Jones, however, seems set to try and prove all of the haters and critics wrong. Personally, I would rather just see Jones and Cormier fight again. Jones should move up to heavyweight and try to become a double champ like Cormier. If he really wants to rain on Cormier’s parade he becomes the champ champ by taking away Cormier’s heavyweight title.

Do you think Jones should get the result of his second fight with Cormier changed back to the original result?


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