Jon Jones Walks Out Half Way Through UFC 232 Interview

UFC 232 is right around the corner, we are hours away from witnessing two great title fights. Cyborg and Nunes then Jones and Gus. This fight week has been like no other with the shifting of the card across states. However, Jones can’t seem to give reporters any breaks as he cuts off his second interview this week…

Jones has already made it clear that he hates questions about his past and the drug tests etc. However, when there’s not much else to ask and him failing a test is the biggest part of MMA news right now what can you expect?

Jones obviously expects different as he cuts off his second reporter of this week with one at the press conference who he heckled for a while after, and now Aaron Bronsteter mid-interview.

Jones’ image as the “bad guy of MMA” continues to grow, perhaps from his own purposeful efforts with ticket sales in mind.

The pairs first fight is one of the greatest UFC fights of all time. This is a rematch 5 years in the making. Image Via: MMA Nytt.

“You’re Killing My Vibe”

So it seems Jones has it out for the reporters this week, leading up to perhaps the biggest fight of his career, Jones is not putting up with much flack.

At the press conference “Bones” asked about his failed drug test and if he didn’t fail the test then why has it come up saying the opposite. He simply said, “next question” then continued to call out that specific reporter for being a ‘bad journalist’ and telling her she sucks.

Now it was at the weigh-in where Jones had a run in with Aaron Bronsteter where he was asked about whether he feels he gets preferential treatment from the UFC and other companies. Jones instantly disliked this question and very quickly left. Take a look.

He seemed cooperative for the first two questions but as soon as USADA and drug testing were mentioned he was gone in a flash.

UFC 232 takes place tonight and we will see a new Light-Heavyweight king crowned. Will Jones reclaim the throne? Or will we see Gustafsson take the UFC gold he has been chasing for years?


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