Jon Jones Finishes Alexander Gustafsson At UFC 232

Jones refused to look Gustafsson in the eyes at the weigh-in.

UFC 232 will go down as the most controversial event in UFC history. A last-minute relocation from Las Vegas, NV to Inglewood, CA after a Jon Jones drug test came back with a trace amount of turinabol was the reason for the change.

There was much buzz around the year-end event because it was the return of Jones after an 18-month suspension. He tested positive for the anabolic steroid, turinabol in July of 2017. The buzz around UFC 232 was taken to a completely different level after the venue change.

Fighters, fans, and journalist questioned the UFC’s decision to move the entire event. It was so Jones could be licensed in California to fight because Nevada wouldn’t do it. Despite USASA claiming it was something that could be in his system forever after the failed test in 2017 people were not buying it.

Despite the controversy surrounding the event, it was one of the most anticipated rematches in recent UFC history took place. In their first fight, Jon Jones retained his light heavyweight belt with a decision win. Many, however, thought Gustafsson won. This time around they were fighting for the vacant light heavyweight title after Daniel Cormier relinquished it earlier this week.

The drug test by Jon Jones was all the buzz leading up to the fight.

Keep reading to see the ending of the fight.

Jones and Gustafsson started right where they left off in their first fight. Both were very active in the first round, but none took control of the round and it was very close. Jones shot for a takedown but it was stuffed by Gustafsson and the action stayed on the feet. In the second round, Gustafsson continued to press the action on the feet. Jones seemed happy to counter fight and it was another close round, but Gustafsson was clearly the one pushing the pace.

The third round was a completely different story. Jones got the fight tot he ground and as soon as he took the top position Gustafsson was in trouble. Jones did a great job of keeping Gustafsson from getting back to his feet and then from the mount started to rain down punches. Gustafsson gave up his back as he was clearly hurt and Jones continued to rain down the punishment. It wasn’t long before the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Once Jones got it on the ground he looked dominant. It was a huge win for Jones on his return despite all of the controversies. Now all of the attention turns to who Jones will fight next. Originally rumors of a potential matchup with Brock Lesnar at heavyweight were circulating, but Jones had someone else in mind.

Jones looked like his old self with a dominant win.

In his post-fight interview, Jones made it clear he wants Cormier and told him to come get his belt. He also criticized him by questioning him relinquishing his light heavyweight belt. If this fight happens is anyone’s guess, but it would definitely be a huge fight with their past history.

Jones has defeated Cormier twice, although the last fight was changed to a no contest as it was when Jones failed his drug test. Let’s see how soon this one actually happens.


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