Jon Jones Explains Why He Would Love To See Rematch Between Conor McGregor And Khabib

Jon Jones is the most talked about fighter right now, but not for a good reason.

His recent drug test caused UFC 232 to be moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Inglewood, California. This ensured that Jones would be licensed to fight Alexander Gustafsson in the main event. As expected since the news broke about the drug test that showed trace amounts of turinabol, Jones has fielded plenty of questions about it.

You can tell it was really getting under his skin on a few occasions. At the UFC 232 press conference earlier this week, he got upset at a journalist. He called her a fake journalist and kept interrupting her. He also walked away mid-interview with TSN, although in a gracious manner.

Jones was probably more than happy to give his thoughts on Conor when asked as it didn’t involve his issues. He goes on to also talk about how he would like to see a rematch between Khabib and Conor and that Conor can still pick his fights.

Jones is supportive of McGregor.

“Conor is in a very powerful position, he has a very loyal fan base that will be with him whether he wins or loses,” said Jones. “What’s up with Conor next is whatever he really wants to do. He is a marketing genius.”

Jones also brought up that McGregor like himself is controversial and that the UFC needs that. That is likely a sentiment that a good amount of people won’t agree with because they think it is becoming a circus. The number don’t like though, as both McGregor and Jones are two of the biggest draws for the UFC.

“Wins and losses happen when you’re fighting at the level that guys like Conor and I are fighting at,” said Jones.

Jones himself has a big rematch at UFC 232.

When asked about the rematch Jones stated that he would love to see it, but didn’t know if it should be his next fight. He didn’t suggest what a possible next fight for McGregor should be, but it seems he definitely thinks it should be someone else.

Jones will be fighting Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 in Inglewood, California. The pair will fight for the recently vacated UFC light heavyweight title. Former champion Daniel Cormier announced he was relinquishing the title earlier this week, stating he would rather give it up and than be stripped.

Jones has toyed with the notion of going to heavyweight and if he wins talks of another fight between Cormier and Jones could pick up. It would be a huge champion vs. champion match and with their bad blood fans would be interested. Jones has beat Cormier twice, but their most recent fight in July of 2017 was ruled a no contest after he failed a drug test for turinabol.

Do you agree with Jones in wanting to see a rematch between McGregor and Khabib, or do you think it is time for McGregor to move on to something else? Let us know your thoughts as well as who wins tonight between Jones and Gustafsson in the UFC 232 main event.

Feature Image Source: TMZ Sports Youtube/Conor McGregor on Instagram @TheNotoriousMMA


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