What Jon Jones Told Alexander Gustafsson After Finishing Him At UFC 232

A lot of people thought Alexander Gustafsson could get the better of Jon Jones in their main event at UFC 232.

The fight was a rematch from their UFC 165 bout that took place in 2013. It was a very close fight that many people thought Gustafsson won. The judges, however, thought Jones did enough to win and awarded him a unanimous decision in the close fight. Coming into their rematch both fighters had been out of action for a year and a half, but for completely different reasons.

Gustafsson had a few opponents pull out due to injury and he himself fell victim to the injury bug in August of 2018. Jones, on the other hand, was suspended for failing a post-fight drug test in July of 2017 after his victory over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214. He became eligible to fight at the end of 2018 and the rematch with Gustafsson was set as the main event for UFC 232.

As it is widely known by now Jones had trace amounts of turinabol in his pre-fight drug tests for UFC 232. This was something that was said to be from his original failed drug test in 2017. USADA and UFC didn’t blame Jones for the test results saying there could be trace amounts in his system for quite some time. This was something many fans and other fighters were not buying.

The critics came hard at Jones, who for the most part tried to be positive except when bothered with questions regarding the drug test. One of the biggest issues was that UFC 232 was relocated from Nevada to California one week before the event. This was so Jones could get licensed to fight by California because he wouldn’t be licensed in Nevada.

Gustafsson made his opinion on the matter very clear.

Shots fired.

Gustafsson was not one to shy away from the issues with Jones. Not only did he let it a pre-fight press conference that he thought Jones was a cheater he wore an anti-doping shirt to the ceremonial weigh-ins for UFC 232.

“Yes, I do (believe he’s a cheater),” said Gustafsson. “Yes, I do. This guy is not confident. He has to put (expletive) in his body to be confident. That’s all it is.”

One would think that because Jones seemed to have an issue with those that criticized him and his tests before the event he would have an issue with Gustafsson. The Mauler flat out called him a cheater and wore the anti-doping shirt. Jones, however, was the complete opposite when it came to his exchange with Gustafsson after the fight. Jones stopped Gustafsson in the third round with some vicious ground and pound.

Gustafsson approved Jones after the fight while he was celebrating and told him he was a beast and Jones with a smile on his face said, “You are too Alex.”

Surprising post-fight exchange.

The exchange between the two continued moments later right before the official winner was announced. Jones told Gustafsson, “I know you’re not going anywhere.” To this Gustafsson replied, “No, I’m not going f-cking anywhere.” To this Jones, jokingly responded with one word “f_ck.”

Were you surprised the two have such an amicable exchange after the fight? It seemed before the fight they had some issues with each other. Primarily the fact that Gustafsson made it very clear he thought Jones was a cheater. Whatever the case it was nothing but pure professionalism from both men after the fight.


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