Johnathan Ivey, Craziest Fighter in MMA, Explains Why He Tapped Out After “Heart Attack”

    Johnathan Ivey took things up a level in his latest fight and fans have not stopped talking about it since…

    Fans watching Johnathan Ivey (42-56) fight this past weekend got to see his usual antics in the cage. Only this time, against Travis Fulton, Ivey tapped out after nearly finishing the fight by strikes. During an exclusive with Muay Thai Authority, ‘Big John’ explains what happened…

    We’ve run a few stories on ‘the craziest fighter in MMA’ before, so when we heard he had been up to his old tricks this last weekend it was not surprising. However, little did we know Johnathan Ivey had stepped things up a notch.

    Reported as ‘faking a heart attack’ during his bout with Travis Fulton, Ivey got fans debating the strange finish and the events leading up to it. In case you missed it, Ivey very nearly had Fulton finished, but tapped out himself and thus lost the fight.

    Johnathan Ivey is widely regarded as the craziest MMA fighter around

    Johnathan Ivey Tells Muay Thai Authority What Happened

    Speaking exclusively with yours truly, the well-traveled wildman of MMA discussed the craziness of last weekend:

    “It’s kind of complicated. When I turned pro on the undercard of a hook’n shoot event years ago, Travis Fulton was the main event that night. I looked up to him throughout my career and tried to emulate his career as much as I could.”

    “Years ago I tattooed a portrait of him on my leg sleeve, that I was dedicating to the men in the sport that I looked up to. I was supposed to defend this heavyweight title in February but UFC vet after UFC vet would agree to the fight and then drop out. So then it was agreed upon that Fulton would be the opponent and I was excited.”

    “I would get to fight the guy I looked up to from the beginning. The first couple minutes was Travis and I just exchanging punches and kicks. Then I caught him with a left hook that hurt him and put him down with a right hand. Once he went down I followed him to the ground and through some hard shots. The second one I threw his eyes rolled back in his head. I told the ref Travis was done and to stop it but he didn’t.”

    Continue reading below and here’s the video of Ivey’s entrance last weekend:

    I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC Facebook!!! Whether or not if you agree with my decision to stop punching my opponent in my last fight, you CAN'T disagree that my ring entrances have always been the best 🙂 Last night we had Matt Mattyo Oliverio as "Paulie" , Chance Richardson as "Mickey" , and myself as "Rocky". #JustHavingFun #WeHaveNoSense 🙂

    Posted by Johnathan Ivey on Sunday, July 1, 2018

    “I threw some more punches and Travis came back a little bit. He was still defenseless but he was able to bring his legs up. So I put my knee on his head and just through short shots. He wasn’t moving and his head was trapped. His legs were up but he was defenseless. I threw a couple more punches and begged the ref to stop it. The ref wouldn’t. So I stood up and backed away and bent over to tap the mat.”

    “Yes, I wanted to fight Travis, but I didn’t want to punch him after his eyes rolled back and he was defenseless. I was never the fighter Travis was and I never will be. He’s the reason I made the decisions I did during my career. I wasn’t going to keep punching him when the fight should have been over.”

    Heart Attack?

    When asked about reports claiming he had faked a heart attack, Ivey had the following to say:

    “That was crazy lol. The heart isn’t even on that side of your body. Travis had thrown a kick that made a loud smack on me, so I was just playing around. Anyone that’s familiar with me knows I like to have fun when I’m fighting. Anyone that hasn’t seen me fight, watch the highlight video of me above to see what it’s like!”


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