Jet Li Issues Statement After Appearing Old & Frail in Recent Photo


Fans of Jet Li were concerned when the 55-year old martial arts movie star appeared to be sick during a recent public appearance…

Starring in box office hits ‘Romeo Must Die’ & ‘The Expendables’ series, Jet Li made the transition from a traditional martial artist, to Eastern movie star and on to mainstream superstardom much like his heroes before him.

Starting out as a Wushu champion in his teens, Li began making a name for himself in cult classics such as ‘Shaolin Temple,’ ‘Once Upon a Time in China’ and ‘Fist of Legend.’ Much like Jackie Chan, Li became a smash hit due to his lightning-fast skills and ability to perform his own stunts.

With his epic path through Eastern cinema and then Hollywood already well carved, Li revealed in 2013 that he had been suffering ill health. Hyperthyroidism and back problems meant his heart rate was reaching 130 at resting rate.

Li began taking medication to regulate his heart rate and was forced to exercise a lot less. Then, earlier this year, the following image led to an outpour of concern from Jet Li fans across the globe:

Li Was Barely Recognisable

Instantly fans were concerned the aging action star was beginning to succumb to his illness. At just 55 years of age, Li appeared to be a shell of his former self. Time waits for no man, but for a legend like Li who had taken such good care of his health, this was seemingly unthinkable.

Thankfully, according to Jet Li himself, he is actually in good health. Speaking during a social media post, Li had the following to say in a statement to his fans:

“I would like to thank all my fans who expressed concerns about my health,”

“I’m doing great and feeling great! I’m excited to share with you all a few projects I am working on in the near future. For now, thank you all for your concerns!”

He also posted the following photo, showing himself appearing in much better condition than previously:


Perhaps everyone went a little overboard? That said, the photo that made everyone worry was indeed a version of Jet Li we had never seen before. His manager, Steven Chasman, said Li’s illness is “nothing life-threatening and he’s dealing with it.” Also stating it was simply a bad photo of his client.

The bottom line; Li appears to be healthy considering his battle with hyperthyroidism, which is great news!


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