WATCH: Israel Adesanya Knocked Out Cold With One Punch

Israel Adesanya is hot property in the busy UFC middleweight division right now…

Israel Adesanya is on fire as of late. The former Kickboxer has established himself as a legitimate contender in the UFC…

Nigerian New Zealander Israel Adesanya is currently 3-0 in his UFC career. As a pro in MMA, ‘The Last Stylebender’ is 14-0 with 12 knockouts and only two decisions. Since signing up for the UFC in February this year, Adesanya has defeated Brad Tavares, Rob Wilkinson and Marvin Vettori.

Currently scheduled to face Derek Brunson at UFC 230, Adesanya has been on fire with the trash talk lately. Known for his brash antics in the ring during his kickboxing and MMA career, Adesanya has been wrecking Brunson with some hilarious memes and Tweets.

Adesanya is very confident in his ability, and he has every right to do so. He has looked phenomenal in his UFC fights. His transition from Kickboxing to MMA has been seamless.

Israel Adesanya is a natural entertainer, he doesn’t have to try hard to come back with witty responses. He has been involved in a war of words with his next opponent Derek Brunson, whom he has dubbed ‘DeWreck Bumson.’

Another hilarious troll by Israel Adesanya about Derek Brunson

Israel Adesanya KO Loss (Video Below)

Before making his UFC debut earlier this year Adesanya was primarily a Kickboxer. The transition from striking only to striking and grappling has been amazing for Adesanya. He has competed all over the world in Kickboxing and compiled a record of 57-5.

His record in MMA is unblemished and his Kickboxing record is very solid. The way he talks to Derek Brunson you would think that Adesanya has never hit the canvas in his life but that is not the case.

Fighting against Alex Pereira for the second time in his career, and in his last kickboxing match, Adesanya tasted a brutal KO loss:

Part of The Game

Although it is just part of fighting for nearly every competitor, Pereira felt he was dishing out some justice. Adesanya, notorious for taunting knocked out opponents and showboating, had now tasted the rough side of a knockout finish.

Perhaps a little rough, but a reality of the fight game is that nobody is untouchable. Adesanya had lost in kickboxing and boxing prior to this bout, but never in such savage and dominant fashion.

Israel Adesanya’s KO loss is something that Brunson has mentioned before. According to Adesanya while speaking with, Brunson isn’t the man to finish his MMA streak:

Israel Adesanya lands a clean jab…

“I think the guy is already scared, man,” Adesanya told Luke Thomas on the latest episode of The MMA Hour.

“Come on, look at this guy’s resume, look at his highlights. This guy got knocked out by ‘Jacare’ twice. ‘Jacare’ has got some of the stiffest stand-up there is; even though he hits hard he’s just stiff in the way that he moves. How the f*ck is Brunson going to hit me with some overhand right coming all the way from six o’clock?”

“You see how he carried himself on the stage? It’s funny, he didn’t have that same energy about 30 minutes ago at the hotel. He’s a certain kind of guy because the people around him want him to flex and sell the fight. He’s coming out with all this stuff like, ‘Oh you’re too skinny bro’, and I’m like, ‘Bro, this isn’t CrossFit’.

“I’m not even skinny, he’s just fat. Did you see his body up on that stage? He had a little soufflé around his waist. I’m already in his head, and he’s in his feelings like Drake.”


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