“Irish Boxer” Takes On 15 Armed Attackers


dropped by a punch in the streetMohammed Dobbous was trying to buy some water while on vacation in Turkey. Unfortunately for him the simple task of getting water ended up in a street brawl.

The brawl was 15 armed men attacking Dobbous over the incident. An Irish national originally from Kuwait, Dobbous tried to open a fridge to get water. He was either too strong or the fridge was broken because when he opened it bottles of water spilled all over the sidewalk. This infuriated the shopkeeper and he immediately went after Dobbous with a stick.

I don’t know much about Mohammed Dobbous but I do know that he isn’t scared of anyone. Rather than backing away he confronted the shopkeeper and the situation quickly escalated. Other shopkeepers jumped in and started to attack Dobbous. As he was being attacked with objects Dobbous made his way into the middle of the street. Realizing he was in for a fight he smoothly takes his sunglasses off and places them on the back of his head and proceeds to drop one of his attackers with a right hand.

He is calm under pressure.

As you can see, Dobbous takes a beating from several shopkeepers but doesn’t go down once. Eventually, the situation ends as the attackers back off. Despite seeming unharmed by the brawl, the results are actually the opposite. He suffered a cracked skull, broken arm and broken shoulder blade during the brawl but apparently, he didn’t notice. He only found out after his friends forced him to go get checked out at the hospital. Talk about being a tough cookie.

He was dubbed the “Irish Boxer” by the media after the CCTV footage of the brawl emerged. Dobbous has stated he is not a trained fighter. As cool as this sounds, one man taking on 15 attackers and walking away like a boss, it was not all gravy. Dobbous faced 9 years in prison for assault and causing grievous bodily harm.

When in court he told the judge he was not really a boxer and only a fan of Mike Tyson. If that’s how he learned to fight from just being a Mike Tyson fan, I would love to see what damage he could do with some training. In 2017 the Turkish court ruled that Dobbous acted in self-defense and was acquitted of all charges.

You can’t look like this and not be a tough guy.

His legend has continued to grow as he has been offered free trips by Turkish companies, he starred in his own video game and more. At least he was able to gain something from being attacked. No one wants to get attacked, but if you do and you can recover well like Dobbous did and then get some trips and money out of it then it wasn’t all bad. Although I don’t know if any normal man could recover from a beating like that.

The brawl even inspired some shopkeepers in Turkey to give free water to Irish tourists. This man is a street fighting legend now, but hopefully, he won’t have to fight off any more shopkeepers.

It seems that things worked out great for Mohammed Dobbous when all the smoke had cleared.


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