Inmate Takes On 15 Corrections Officers

Inmate Fights 15 Corrections OfficersBeing a corrections officer is a very dangerous and difficult job. You deal with a variety of criminals from the not so dangerous to the worst type of criminals you can imagine. You need to be ready to be at all times.

You never know what can happen when dealing with inmates. Riots and fights are just some of what you sign up for. In this case, it was just one inmate who was causing trouble. That is all it took though, one inmate and several correctional officers had to come and try to restrain the man.

The inmate seems to be refusing to get up at the start of the video and two corrections officers stand him up and start to move him. The inmate resists and somehow is able to take one of them down. More corrections officers show up to help and at this point, it turns into four on one. You would think that with four officers handling the situation it would be done with, but that wasn’t the case here. It seems like the situation is under control but it is just the start. On one ever said the job was easy, and today was one of those days where you see why.

The inmate is tenacious and refuses to back down even after it seems things have calmed down and before you know it you have 15 officers against one inmate. I don’t know if it was really necessary to have 15 officers or it might be protocol to have all hands on deck when something like this is going on. Eventually, the situation gets diffused after they all jump on top of the inmate. At this point, the way things were going I was expecting the inmate to rise up as all of the officers get flung back and it is revealed he has gone super saiyan.

He wasn’t going down without a fight.

We don’t encourage this type of behavior but you have to give the inmate some credit for not giving up. The fact that it took 15 officers to contain him is very impressive. Where did that strength come from? It seemed he was doing his best Incredible Hulk impersonation. They shouldn’t have made him angry.

Watch the video below, it is a very crazy situation.

One person being able to take on 15 people normally ends up with them badly hurt. In this case, the inmate was dealing with correctional officers and they weren’t trying to beat the man up. If this was somewhere else things would have likely ended up real bad for the inmate. Out on the street foot, stomps would have been raining down on him once he was on the ground. Maybe that is why he was so aggressive, he wasn’t worried about the potential consequences as he expected them to stop once he was subdued.

Whatever his thinking was regarding this, let’s hope he learned his lesson and doesn’t try it again for everyone’s safety.


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