How To Perform Saenchai’s 12 Signature Tactics

Saenchai is a Muay Thai legend and is considered to be better than Buakaw by many hardcore Muay Thai fans.

You might be thinking that is crazy, but although Buakaw is more popular Saenchai has held the more prestigious titles and fought against tougher competition. The man is a wizard in the ring. His unique fighting style has helped him win Lumpinee Stadium titles in four different weight classes. He is fast, elusive and flashy. When Seanchai strikes he makes the moves that are difficult look easy.

Some of Seanchai’s trademark moves include his scissor kick and cartwheel kick. A lot of people talk about entering The Matrix with Vasyl Lomachenko, but as good as he is the man doesn’t move like Saenchai. He has been defying physics his entire career.

If you are a Muay Thai practitioner then you might want to learn to perform some of Saenchai’s signature tactics. Unfortunately, not everyone has the honor of training and learning from a great like Saenchai. Luckily for you, Jeff Chan of MMA Shredded put together a great tutorial breaking down how to perform 12 of Saenchai’s signature tactics. He goes into nice details and shows you how they are used in sparring as well.

12 signature tactics by Saenchai.

After watching all 12 how many do you think you can do? It’s all about practice, you just have to hit the gym and make sure you are putting the work in. As talented as Saenchai is all his success comes from hard work. He has over 330 fights, you are bound to learn a few tricks when you have that many fights. When you fight that many times you are bound to lose, and Saenchai has lost 41 one times. When he loses he comes back better. Not to mention his work started when he was a kid and making in Thailand as a top fighter is not easy. The competition is very stiff out there.

Make sure you get to the gym and start working on these moves. You might not ever get to be on Saenchai’s level but at least you might be able to look good when you have a smoker, fights, or even just sparring in the gym. It is good to set the bar high in what you are trying to achieve. And trying to be able to pull off moves that one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters ever does in his fights is not a bad idea.

Make sure to go check out more from MMA Shredded and Jeff Chan on YouTube. They have a lot more great content.


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