7-Foot-2 Super Heavyweight Fights Welterweight Monk With “Knockout Only” Rules

Hong Man Choi has been around for many many years in the fight game. Facing opponents like Fedor. Image Source: Bleacher Report.

If you thought KSW was going to be responsible for some outlandish and exciting matchups you were so very wrong. Behold Hong Man Choi vs. Yi Long.

Both of these men have been a part of the fight game for a considerable amount of time. Choi debuting in 2006 and Long debuting in 2009.

The fight between the 7 foot 2 giant and 5 foot 10 Monk is taking place under MAS Fight. A kickboxing organisation where there is one slight tweak in the original ruleset we would be used to in kickboxing. Well, maybe 2.

  1. There is one nine-minute round
  2. The fight can only be won by knockout

See why this fight is going to be an interesting one?


Both of these two fighters have fought some tough opponents in their time. We mentioned Choi facing off against Fedor, spoiler alert he lost. However, Yi Long has fought the savage that is Buakaw. Twice.

Winning the second fight more recently but losing to him back in 2015. Needless to say, we will bring you the fight video after this bizarre bout happens.

However, we know the background of the fighters isn’t what makes this fight kind of insane to think about. it’s the size difference. What do people expect to happen in a kickboxing bout where size and weight matters? Not like MMA where a smaller fighter can overcome a bigger one with their ground skills.

This difference is no McGregor vs. Anderson Silva. It’s much, much bigger. This matchup could’ve and most possibly came from the fact Choi is 4-5 making it seem possible for the smaller Shaolin Monk to take him on. But we could be hugely surprised when it comes down to it!

Yi Long has proved his skill set over the years building up 61 wins. Image Source: Daily Motion.

Don’t count the Monk out of this one. With a record of 61-12-1, he is a formidable kickboxer and could stand with just about anyone. But maybe he hasn’t met his match just yet. We know this type of fighting is hugely underrated and can pack a punch indeed. Just take a look at his record…


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