The Highway Robbery That Was Buakaw vs. Yi Long 2

Buakaw vs. Yi Long 2

All fighters have to deal with home town decisions.

If you are fighting in someone else’s country, state, or city you need to try just a little bit harder to make sure you don’t get “home towned” as they call it. In a close fight there is the perception that the local fighter will get the decision.

If it is true or not is up for debate. Some fighters say they believe that to be the case and others don’t. This past November Buakaw fought Yi Long for a second time in China. Originally they were supposed to fight in December under MMA rules for Kunlun Fight, but for one reason or another that did not happen.

Instead we got Buakaw vs. Yi Long 2, once again under Kickboxing rules. The home town decision is supposed to kick in when the fight is close, but apparently the judges didn’t care in this case. This fight wasn’t even close and the judges still decided to give Yi Long a home town win.

For those not familiar with Yi Long, he is a Chinese fighter that is billed as a Shaolin Monk. If he actually is one is up for debate. He is a very popular fighter in China, but questions about how he is promoted have come up. The website actually looked into his record which seemed to disguised to make him look invincible, as well as him being a monk. You have to give it to Yi Long, he does fight hard even though his antics in the ring are questionable some times. He does a move called the “Iron Chin” in which he purposely lets his opponent punch him in the face. This is great, expect when his opponent knocks him out, which has happened before.

You will notice he didn’t try the “Iron Chin” against Buakaw, but he did get very aggressive at times. Despite this Buakaw was able to avoid any real damage and answered back with accurate kicks, knees and punches.

(Click next to watch the highway robbery that was Buakaw vs. Yi Long 2)


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