Hero Legends 2016 Results

Hero Legends 2016 Results

Hero Legends 2016 took place today in Hainan, China and featured fighters Gabriel Varga, Saenchai, and Lerdsila in action.

In the main event Gabriel Varga faced Liu Wei for the Hero Legends 64kg championship. After an opening round in which both fighters were feeling each other out, Varga took over. He threw nice punching combinations which he ended with low kicks, and when they got close he unleashed vicious knees. Near the end of the second round he backed Wei into a corner and connected with a left that had him out on his feet. The referee gave him a count and when the fight resumed Varga went back to cornering Wei and delivered a flurry of punches that prompted the referee to step in again and give him a count. Wei made it to the third round where he seem revitalized, but despite a worthy effort Varga was on fire. He was accurate with his diverse attack and won a decision to take the Hero Legends Championship back to Canada. Great performance by Varga,

Saenchai was in action against Meng Qinghao at the event, and despite having a clear size disadvantage it was vintage Saenchai. He landed his kicks when he wanted to, if you clinched with him he tossed you around. In the end the size difference didn’t matter as Saenchai was able to control the fight and his technique was just too good for Qinghao. He won a decision and has now won 15 consecutive fights.

Lerdsila Phuket Top Team also fought at Hero Legends 2016 and he put on a masterful performance against Tang Yao. Lerdsila made it seem easy as he dodged, and avoided in stylish fashion what Yao was throwing. He landed his strikes when he felt like doing so and it was pretty much a one sided fight from start to finish, eventually earning Lerdsila a decision victory.

In what had to be the night’s most exciting fight, Wen Jindu and Xu Tiehan met in the 70kg tournament final. Both fighters came out swinging and Tiehan scored first with a left that dropped Jindu. After beating the referee’s count both fighters went right back at it, with neither looking to budge an inch as they unloaded punch after punch. A little over a minute into the fight a short left tot he body from Jindu sent Tiehan down for the count and it was over. Stunning win by Jindu.

Hero Legends 2016 Results:
Gabriel Varga def. Liu Wei via Decision – Wins Hero Legends 64kg Championship
Xu Yan def. Asami Zaurus via Decision
Saenchai Pk Saenchaimuaythaigym def. Meng Qinghao via Decision
Kang En def. Soner Sen via (T)KO in Rd. 3
Lerdsila Phuket Top Team def. Tang Yao via Decision
Feng Xingli def. Kim Insu via (T)KO (Injury) in Rd. 3
Yukiya Nakamura def. Yang Haodong via Extra Round Decision
Jia Aoqi def. Saksurin Kiatyongyut via Decision
Armen Arutyunov def. Zhuang Shusong via Decision
Zou Gongyi def. Eamon Cramb via Decision

70kg Tournament Semi-Finals:
Xu Tiehan def. Xu Haichao via Decision
Wen Jindu def. Liu Weiquan via Decision

70kg Tournament Final:
Wen Jindu def. Xu Tiehan via KO (Body Punch) in Rd. 1


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