WATCH: The Most Terrifying Knockout Of The Year Just Happened

Ryot Waller was vicious on the night.

Everyone loves a good knock out, but sometimes they are brutal. We might have seen the most brutal knock out of the year at Glory 56.

There are plenty of great knockouts that take place on a weekly basis throughout combat sports. Although knockouts are brutal is nature some just look worse than others. Ryot Waller delivered a brutal finish in his fight against Zack Wells. Talk about making a statement when you make your promotional debut. Kickboxing and non Kickboxing fans can agree that this one downright nasty.

There are several things that make a knockout brutal, sometimes it is the sound of the strike, the speed it is delivered with, but the most important factor is the way the opponent falls. There is also the reaction after the knockout, some guys are out cold others have no idea where they are.

This KO is so brutal because for starters Wells is out on his feet and the punches that sent him down are just for good measure. Then when he hits the canvas he falls in a painful looking way and is completely out of it.

Now that is brutal.

It is safe to say that this brutal knockout could have been avoided had the referee been a little faster in stepping in. Wells was out on his feet and Waller was able to land two more punches, the last one folding Wells like a lawn chair.

For anyone wondering, that is how you make your promotional debut. Not many people had an idea who Waller was, but any Kickboxer that was watching is definitely aware of who he is now. There is no question that Waller made a statement with that brutal finish.

This KO is arguably the most brutal knock out of the year. There are plenty of good candidates, but something about this was just bad. People online were saying that Wells looks dead after that finish. We are glad that he wasn’t because that would have been awful, but when he hit the canvas things did look bleak.

This is another gem from Waller.

With all the great knockouts that happen in combat sports on a weekly basis is very hard to determine which knockout was the most brutal, but I am pretty confident it is going to be hard to top this one. It wasn’t the flashiest, but you don’t need to be flashy to be brutal.

Congratulations to Waller on the amazing performance. It will be interesting to see what he does the next time he appears in the Glory ring. He definitely put everyone in the Kickboxing world on notice with that performance.

Is there another knockout that you think is the most brutal of the year in combat sports? If so shoot us a message and let us know. We love brutal knockouts and would love to see the best ones out there.


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