Glory 26 Live Results

Glory 26 Live Results

Stay tuned in here to get Glory 26 live results. The event goes down today in The Netherlands and will feature two title fights and a featherweight contender tournament.

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Nieky Holzken (c) vs. Murthel Groenhart – For Glory Welterweight Championship

Both fighters came out swinging as each let punches and low kicks fly. It seemed Groenhart was trying to pace himself early and not gas out as he has been prone to in the past. Holzken control the ring for most of the first round and it was very close. It could have gone either way.

The second round was much like the first with neither man backing down. Groenhart was a bit more aggressive, but Holzken still held control of the ring.

Groenhart continued to fire away with punches, low kicks and knees in the third round. Holzken was still controlling the center of the ring, but Gorenhart was a lot busier throwing strikes. Holzken landed a few nice shot of his own, but the work rate Groenhart is putting in could be a difference maker.

Holzken was a lot more active in the fourth round. He was controlling the center of the ring and backing up Groenhart, but unlike before he was throwing strikes. He worked his hands and knees early in the round, but Groenhart continued to fire low kicks and punches back at Holzken. The work rate was a lot more even this round.

The fifth round was close. Both fighters were active, but it seemed Groenhart might have just outworked Holzken in the final round. This fight was very close, neither fighter ever had the other in trouble and Groenhart was clearly more active throughout. It was a close one for the judges too as Holzken wins by split decision.

Result: Nieky Holzken def. Murthel Groenhart via Split Decision – Defends Glory Welterweight Championship

Featherweight Tournament Final between Maykol Yurk vs. Mosab Amrani

Amrani came out looking to control this fight. His hands were flying early and he was connecting. Yurk, tried to fire back some shots of his own but Amrani was not going to lose control of this fight. His speed was too much for Yurk who spent most of the fight backing up. Amrani connected with a left kick to the body as Yurk was backing up, and although it didn’t connect flush it was enough to put Yurk out. He tried to get back up but it was too late and did not beat the referee’s count.

Result: Mosab Amrani def. Maykol Yurk via KO in Rd. 1 (Kick to Body)

Rico Verhoeven (c) vs. Benjamin Adegbuyi – For Glory Heavyweight Championship

Both fighters are cautious early in this one until about a minute in Verhoeven starts to let his hands go. His boxing looked crisp, he then began to mix in kicks. With a little more than a minute left in round one Verhoeven connected with a right that caught Adegbuyi’s attention. It seems like Adegbuyi doesn’t know what to do as he isn’t throwing anything. Verhoeven connected with another right that backed up Adegbuyi and then crushed him with another right that sent him down for the count. Adegbuyi could not recover as he lay on the canvas. Verhoeven defends his title in dominant fashion.

Result: Rico Verhoeven def. Benjamin Adegbuyi via KO in Rd. 1 – Defends Glory Heavyweight Championship

Featherweight Tournament Semi-Final
Mosab Amrani vs. Chi Bin Lim

Amrani came out swinging to start this fight. He was letting his hands fly and then following up with knees to the body. It payed off going to the body early when a knee sent Bin Lim down. It looked like he might be done, but he recovered. Amrani then went tot he body with a left hook and followed with another left hook up high and Bin Lim went down again. The body shot is what sent Bin Lim down and the punch to the head was just icing on the cake.The fight was stopped Amrani was through to the tournament final.

Result: Mosab Amrani def. Chi Bin Lim via (T)KO (2 Knockdowns) in Rd. 1

Featherweight Tournament Semi-Final
Shane Oblonsky vs. Maykol Yurk

In the opening frame both fighters went toe-to-toe, with the fight getting a little wild at times. It seemed as if Oblonsky was tiring early.

In the second round Yurk scored with a big knee as Oblonsky was rushing in and knocked him down. Oblonsky beat the referee’s count and immediately went on the attack as the fight restarted. Yurk threw a knee that was blocked by Oblonsky, but was able to push him to the canvas. The referee started to count, then immediately waved the fight off. Oblonsky got up protesting the call. Unfortunately for Oblonsky it didn’t matter as the fight was over and he was eliminated from the tournament. Bad call by the referee.

Result: Maykol Yurk def. Shane Oblonsky via (T)KO (2 Knockdowns) in Rd. 2

Glory 26 Results:
Nieky Holzken def. Murthel Groenhart via Split Decision – Defends Glory Welterweight Championship
Rico Verhoeven def. Benjamin Adegbuyi via KO in Rd. 1 – Defends Glory Heavyweight Championship

Featherweight Tournament Semi-Finals:
Maykol Yurk def. Shane Oblonsky via (T)KO (2 Knockdowns) in Rd. 2
Mosab Amrani def. Chi Bin Lim via (T)KO (2 Knockdowns) in Rd. 1

Featherweight Tournament Final:
Mosab Amrani def. Maykol Yurk via KO (Kick to Body) in Rd. 1

Super Fight Series Results:
Thomas Vanneste def. Errol Zimmerman by Split Decision
Mourad Bouzidi def. Danyo Ilunga by Split Decision
Zinedine Hameur-Lain def. Fred Sikking via Unanimous Decision
Yoann Kongolo def. Karapet Karapetyan via Unanimous Decision
Perviz Abdullayev def. Aziz Kallah via Unanimous Decision


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