Glory 26 Afterthoughts

Murthel Groenhart

Glory 26 has come and gone and it was a solid event all around, but it is the second consecutive event where the main event ended in with a controversial decision.

Nieky Holzken (@niekyholzken) walked away the champion, but it wasn’t without Murthel Groenhart (@MurthelG)making a case for himself. Fans seem to think that Groenhart should have gotten the nod, but the judges did not agree.

In the other title fight, Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven (@ricoverhoeven) made sure there was no doubt as to who the best was. A punishing right hand flattened Benjamin Adegbuyi (@adegbenny) and showed how dominant Verhoeven is.

Here are our Glory 26 afterthoughts.

Murthel Groenhart deserves an immediate re-match

Groenhart looked great in the fight, he was focused and it was very clear he was on a mission. The consensus seems to be that Groenhart should be the Glory Welterweight Champion. Seeing that Holzken hasn’t been tested recently like he was by Groenhart it makes sense. The only other person fans would probably be interested in seeing Holzken fight would be Joseph Valtellni, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen anytime soon. It is time for Glory to listen to fans, because similar complaints came after the Glory 25 main event.

Rico Verhoeven has put a huge gap between himself and the heavyweight division

Rico VerhoevenVerhoeven looked spectacular in his title defense at Glory 26. His boxing was crisp and he showed off his power. It is hard to imagine any heavyweight on the current Glory roster dethroning him. Picking his next challenger is going to be hard because none currently seem like they have the skill set to topple the heavyweight king. Verhoeven has not lost since early 2015 when he was upset in China by Andrey Gerasimchuk, a bout he would surely like to avenge, but Gerasimchuk lost his most recent fight to Hesdy Gerges. The bout would add some excitement though and could be marketed heavily based on the angle that he was last man to beat Verhoeven.

Mosab Armani could be the next Glory Featherweight Champion

Amrani is next in line to fight Serhiy Adamchuk for the Glory Featherweight Championship and if he fights like he did at Glory 26 he could dethrone Adamchuk. Amrani showed off some fast and excellent boxing which he blended beautifully with knees. Amrani does a great job mixing his attacks and working the body. Adamchuk’s last performance was not his best, but it was enough for him to capture the Glory title. If the Amrani comes into the fight with the same drive he did at Glory 26 there is no reason he can’t take home the belt.

There should be some time of replay system to avoid huge mistakes like the referee made in the Shane Oblonsky fight

The referee in the fight between Shane Oblonsky and Maykol Yurk cost Oblonsky a chance at earning a title shot. Oblonsky had been knocked down by Yurk once in the second round, and the referee stopped the fight after what he thought was a second knockdown. Oblonsky protested that he had been pushed down and not knocked down, but the referee had stopped the fight already. Oblonsky was correct; he blocked a knee from Yurk and was then pushed down. It is unfortunate when a fighter loses because of an error like this. We don’t know if Oblonsky would have come back to win the fight or if he still would have lost, but he definitely deserves to fight and not have his fight cut short by a referee on a mistake like this.

Let us know what your thoughts on Glory 26 were in the comments section.


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