Girl Uses Muay Thai to Knock Out Male Bully

The bully folded after the girl fought back…

Female fighters are very common in today’s world. There was a time when that was not the case.

As sports like MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing continue to grow in popularity it is only natural that more women will embrace them. This is great, especially when they start at a young age. The story of today’s ‘Muay Thai girl’ is a great example.

Not only because it can lead to opportunities in sports like the previously mentioned. It is also great to know these martial arts because they are a great tool to have for self-defense.

Bullying has been a major issue in recent years and luckily this girl had some martial arts training. Apparently, she was her group of friends was being bullied by a boy at school and she had enough. Although it is never encouraged, if it happens you have to be ready. This young girl ended up getting into a physical altercation with her bully.

You might think that because it was girl vs. boy that she would have no chance. That was far from the truth. She looked used what seemed to be some Muay Thai skills to deliver some vicious knees with pinpoint accuracy.

Unfortunately, she ran away afterward, which we don’t agree with. She should have stayed to talk to the teacher. She still showed how knowing martial arts can be used to nullify a bully. It’s always best to try to avoid any type of violence, but never be afraid to defend yourself when needed.

It is no surprise that today more and more girls are getting into martial arts. There are superstars now thanks to MMA. Cris Cyborg and Holly home are all big draws and can easily help influence young girls to start taking martial arts as self-defense. Even though she doesn’t compete anymore Ronda Rousey was a major draw and inspired many girls to pursue martial arts.

Cris Cyborg and Holly Holm

Two of the most popular females in MMA come from a Muay Thai background.

The reason that these ladies have been able to inspire the next generation is that they show everyone that martial arts and combat sports are not just for men. They are very highly skilled athletes that perform at a very high level and make it look easy. Every time they compete they go out and give everything they have. They work hard to earn the respect of fans and fellow athletes and after years of females being overlooked, they are now getting the attention they deserve.

Ronda Rousey might have blown the door wide open for females to get the attention they deserve in the UFC, but today’s athletes are making sure it continues. The list of impressive females can continue forever, but we don’t have time to write that. Just look up ladies like Rose Namajunas, Holly Holm, Cris Cyborg, and Valentina Schevchenko to name a few. If you are not impressed by their skill set then there is something wrong with you.

The #1 female MMA athlete in the world, Cris Cyborg.

Martial arts training is something that parents are encouraged to get their children in. It is great to help deal with bullies when need be. This in no way promotes violence as martial arts always teach you to only use your skill set when it is your last resort. Most martial arts about respect and honor. In this case, this young girl was able to stop a bully from continuing to harass her friends and herself.


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