GGG Says He’ll Fight Both Khabib And Conor McGregor

Gennady Golovkin is arguably one of the greatest boxers alive today. His last two fights have been absolute wars with Canelo Alvarez. Some say the decisions were robberies but this is just controversy. Image Source: Chronicle Live.

It seems everything has turned to sh*t recently in the fighting world. First Floyd wanted Khabib, then he wanted McGregor after. Now, Floyd Mayweather is facing undefeated kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa at an MMA event in Japan on New Year. But Now GGG wants a piece of MMA too…

That’s right, GGG has said he wants to fight Khabib or Conor. We saw what happened last time an MMA fighter challenged one of the greatest boxers alive. Spoiler alert he was TKO’d in the tenth.

We are obviously talking about McGregor. God knows what Mayweather would’ve done to Khabib. But now we turn our heads to a worse stylistic matchup for both of the fighters.

Khabib and McGregor are two of the biggest stars and most talented fighters in MMA. They fought in October where Khabib was victorious. Image Source:


GGG is the definition of never judge a book by its cover. Looks like the most innocent fella on the planet then you look him up and see he could knock you out whenever he wanted.

When asked who was next for him, he had this to say. (Quotes courtesy of MMA Mania)

”I don’t know, I have no idea right now,”

He was then asked if he was interested in a fight with either of the MMA stars to which he replied.

“These huge guys, yeah. I saw their fight. It was a good fight.”

He’s never been a picky person, put someone in the ring with him and they’d be lucky to see the light of day. He simply replied when asked which one of the two “Both”.

He seems very interested in the possibility of the fight and these huge crossover events have been a huge part of combat sports since McGregor vs. Mayweather actually happened. However, the thought of GGG against either of these, however, is a very one-sided battle.

But anything can happen, especially after everything we’ve seen today…


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