Genah Fabian Talks Upcoming Triumphant 1 Title Fight

Genah Fabian will be making her American Muay Thai debut at Triumphant to on December 15, 2017.

She will be fighting Muay Thai and Invicta FC veteran Charmaine Tweet. Fabian who has spent most of her career training in Thailand and New Zealand recently relocated to Dublin, California to join the renowned CSA fight team led by Kirian Fitzgibbons.

Here fight with Tweet with be a WMC title fight, and we were lucky enough to have a chance to talk to Genah about the upcoming fight.

MTA: You have a fight against Charmaine Tweet on December 15th at Triumphant 2. How has training been going for the fight?

Genah: Very well, training hard, & training smart preparing accordingly.

MTA: How familiar are you with your opponent?

Genah: I know she’s an accomplished Muay Thai fighter who now fights MMA for Invicta.

MTA: Were you ever targeting Charmaine in MMA?

Genah: No, but I’m down at some point. I have a few other fights and names lined up in the new year for MMA first.

MTA: How has the transition from Muay Thai to MMA and now back to Muay Thai been?

Genah: Haha it’s not an easy one, there are certain movement patterns and other habits you have to un-do for both styles depending on which is the focus at the time. However my fundamentals are strong and that helps cross over in both styles .

MTA: What would you say is your biggest advantage entering the fight?

Genah: Being relatively unknown, and prepared, for wherever it may go.

MTA: What gym do you represent?

Genah: CSA in Dublin, CA and CKB in Auckland, NZ.

MTA: How has the transition to CSA and California been?

Genah: Locating to a totally new gym and new team can be a big move in itself for any fighter. There’s that feel out and adjustment period for you to get use to the team and system also for the team to get use to you etc. On top of that, a totally new city, new culture and country, is a whole other thing in itself.

I’ve had my moments of being uncomfortable and uncertainty, for sure since landing here and trying to find my feet. But like most great things, they take time. In saying that, when one of the best striking coaches and teams in the world offer you a spot to be among them, the initial sacrifices it takes to be here is totally worth it and a no brainer really. 4.5 months in so far, and I’ve been truly blessed to be part of the family that Coach K, MJ and Deane have created here at CSA. Through them the other amazing people I’ve been able to meet and develop  relationships with has been awesome! This is an offer to be apart of something great and I hold that pretty close to me and making sure I am not a waste of their time, showing my worth as a member of this team. Doing the work and actually being a good addition.

MTA: How was the training in Thailand vs NZ vs CA?

Genah: Man all different but all very valuable stages to my evolution as a fighter and athlete. I actually started training and fighting for my first few years in the Mecca of where Muay Thai originated from. Which is why my connection with Thailand and Muay Thai is something very close to my heart and is of course, my first love in martial arts.

I didn’t start fighting in NZ where we have a very established history and lineage of our own in boxing, kick boxing and Muay Thai. It wasn’t until last year where I went back to my home gym of City Kick boxing NZ, where I saw the real levels of what our system and the fighters that had been bought up in that, were. In comparison to my fundamentals and style. It was the biggest WTF, Uh-huh holy shit moment all in one

It took me back quite a bit actually, and within the first few sessions back home, I realized I was missing a few key basics and fundamentals in my game that I just simply wasn’t exposed to training traditional Muay Thai in Thailand. There was of course things I did great but there was a lot of holes missing and that’s when I made the decision after my last fight to stay back an extended time at my home gym under my cousin and coach Eugene Bareman; To put it plainly “level the fuck up” lol!

It was needed and it wasn’t the easiest decision to make at the time as I had no job, no base, no consistent source of income (at that time), but I had to make do hustle, pick up odd little bits of coaching work here and there to invest in my art and my growth as a fighter. I had to consistently remind myself at that time that the struggle is an investment and it will pay off down the road.

Which brings me to now, being at CSA under Coach Kirian Fitzgibbons where the refinements and technicalities in my game have been even more refined especially being a true south paw. Coach K has harnessed and worked tirelessly with me to really hone that in and bring it all the aspects of what that means together! He’s so dope man! The ship he runs and the system he spearheads is World class! That’s evident of the level and fighters from amateurs to pros to champions this man has produced!

MTA: When did you start training and why?

Genah: Started just as something to do and try in my off season. I fell in love over time with the training, the culture and the evolution i was experiencing in the art both physically technically also spiritually.

MTA: For fight fans that have not seen you before, can you describe your style?

Genah: Hmmm, seriously I don’t know. All I can say is Dec 15 is my coming out party lol!

MTA: Are you planning on fighting in MMA and Muay Thai/Kickboxing, or do you have a preferred sport?

Genah: All 3 coming up for me next year! It’s going to be a much busier colander year for me god willing.

MTA: You are going to be the hometown favorite (technically) in this fight. How much of an advantage do you think it is to have the crowd on your side?


Genah: Didn’t know that! Lol. Usually, I don’t really have people (apart from my 1 coach/corner) at my fights as they tend to be international or in random  places. To have a lot of my new team mates and friends from the gym be there will uplift me I think? It’s gonna be a great experience for me having that type of support on the night.

MTA: Is there anything about your opponent you know you need to keep an eye out for?

Genah: She’s experienced you know with a lot more fights than I and been around a long time fought many greats of the game in both Muay Thai and MMA with that, comes a lot of toughness physically and mentally. I know she’s down for it.

MTA: Prediction for the fight?

Genah: Coming out party Dec 15 LOL.

MTA: Any words for your supporters?

Genah: Thank you for taking an interest showing genuine support or love it’s all love and I hope if there’s something that someone can take as inspiration, it would be to go all in for whatever sets your soul and passions on fire be relentless please don’t give up no matter how long the road may take or how unfair the journey may seem. Bounce back and run it back every time

MTA: How can we find you on social media?

Genah: Instagram @genahfabian, Twitter @genahfabian and FB Genah Fabian.


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