Full Fight Card for SuperKombat World GP Final Elimination

The SuperKombat World GP Final Elimination is set to go down tomorrow in Milan, Italy. Here is the full fight card for the event.

The night’s main event will be a heavyweight bout between Romania’s Cătălin Moroșanu vs. Poland’s Tomasz Czerwinski. Moroșanu is a super star in his home land of Romania, aside from being a highly touted Kickboxer, he is a former Rugby player and is currently the Iași County Counsilor. He is currently on a three fight winning streak and is 17-3 in his last 20 fights.

The Stoica brothers Andrei and Bogdan will be in action. Andrei Stoica will fight Pavel Voronin andBogdan Stoica will fight Patrick Veenstra.

Fight Card:
Cătălin Moroșanu and Tomasz Czerwinski
Andrei Stoica vs. Pavel Voronin
Bogdan Stoica vs. Patrick Veenstra
Amansio Paraschiv vs. Giannis Skordilis
Atakan Arslan vs. Giuseppe de Domenico
Mohammed El Boulahiati vs. Alexandru Negrea

New Heroes 
Claudio Istrate vs. Gianfranco Bianchi
Adrian Maxim vs. Rahim Moutarrik
Madalin Craciunica vs. Ovidio Mihali
Dumitru Topai vs. Yousri Belgaroui
Cristiana Stancu vs. Irene Martens
Matt Murdoch vs. Remus Cretan
Amed West vs. Cristi Spetcu


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